Where to find & what's inside the Trial Chambers in Minecraft

Where to find & what's inside the Trial Chambers in Minecraft
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Coleman Hamstead


20th Oct 2023 13:24


Headlining the highly-anticipated 1.21 update for Minecraft is the Trial Chambers. The Trial Chambers are massive, procedurally generated Minecraft structures filled with challenges and secrets. This primer details what you can expect from the game's latest structure, the Trial Chambers.

What are the Trial Chambers in Minecraft?

A Trial Spawner inside the Trial Chambers
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The Trial Chambers are huge multi-room structures with a unique visual style. The Trial Chambers are procedurally generated, too, leading to a lot of variety in terms of what you can find in their many rooms and passageways. Overall, the Trial Chambers are designed to serve as a place for combat lovers to test their skills in different challenges and earn rewards for their efforts!

Where to find Trial Chambers in Minecraft

The primary corridor of a Trial Chamber
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The Trial Chambers are hidden underground in the caves of Minecraft. Explore the depths of your Minecraft server, and eventually, you will stumble upon undisturbed Trial Chambers.

What's inside Minecraft Trial Chambers

Copper Bulbs are one of the new decorative blocks inside the Trial Chambers
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The Trial Chambers are overflowing with secrets and new things to discover! Below is a list of some of the content you can find inside Trial Chambers. But, according to Mojang Studios, the Trial Chambers contain even more unrevealed mysteries!

Trial Spawners and the Breeze

Inside a good deal of the rooms in the Trial Chambers, you will find Trial Spawners. Trial Spawners spawn waves of enemies, with the number of foes and the difficulty of the encounter dependent on the number of players inside the Trial Chambers. After exuding an abundance of mobs, the Trial Spawner will go on cooldown, but if you leave the Trial Spawner be, you can come back later and fight again if you desire!

The mobs that trickle out of Trial Spawners is determined by the blocks surrounding the Trial Spawner. For example, if you see ice blocks, expect Strays to appear. Trial Spawners are where you can battle one of Minecraft's newest mobs, the Breeze.

New decorative blocks

The Trial Chambers are home to a slew of new decorative blocks. Most of these are purely for aesthetics, but some are functional, too! Copper Bulbs, in particular, act as a source of light, so you don't really need to use a torch in the Trial Chambers. 

Copper Bulbs will oxidise over time, dimming the light that emits from the block. However, you can scrape off the rust to make the block burn brighter!


As you traverse the corridors and rooms of the Trial Chambers, you will uncover plenty of loot stashed away in supply chests. You will also receive loot for clearing Trial Spawners. Anticipate finding pre-existing items and brand-new gear!

That's the gist of the Trial Chambers. A beta featuring the Trial Chambers will launch in the coming weeks, and the Trial Chambers will appear in Minecraft officially in the 1.21 update, set to arrive midway through 2024.

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