How to get & use Prismarine in Minecraft Legends

How to get & use Prismarine in Minecraft Legends
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18th Apr 2023 14:10

Prismarine in Minecraft Legends is an extremely valuable resource needed to get upgrades for your weapons and resource gathering, so you'll definitely want to figure out how to get and use it in-game.

It will let you upgrade many of your skills, and is specifically linked to the Songbook, so definitely make sure that you're not missing out on anything here!

Where can you get Prismarine?

The best way to get Prismarine is by destroying Piglin towers at Piglin bases. These large black towers can be tough to destroy, but Stone Golems are effective against structures and are best used against towers such as these.

You can also collect Prismarine from Village Chests. These are usually located in the centre of the Villages that you have saved from the Piglins. These chests restock with supplies after a while so make sure you check back with them.

Village Chests, Where to get Prismarine in Minecraft Legends
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Prismarine is used for upgrades and to expand the type of resources your Allays can collect for you.

How to use Prismarine

To get upgrades, you must travel to the Well of Fate, which is a fast travel point in the center of your map and the first place you spawn in the game.

How to make Improvements Hubs, uses for Prismarine in Minecraft Legends
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Once you are at the Well of Fate, you can open your 'Songbook', which contains all the upgrades available to you. Cycle through and you'll see the option for Improvement Hubs.

Improvement Hubs cost resources and Prismarine to place. These can only be placed near the Well of Fate and allow your Allays to pick up more varied and different resources from the standard wood and stone blocks you start the game with.

By upgrading and placing Improvement Hubs, you can unlock more resources and Golem types for your army.

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