How to carry more resources in Minecraft Legends: Inventory size upgrade

How to carry more resources in Minecraft Legends: Inventory size upgrade
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18th Apr 2023 16:53

Collecting more resources in Minecraft Legends is vital if you want to grow your army. During Minecraft Legends, you'll receive Allays, little helpers which will collect resources and add them to your inventory for you. However, Allays can only collect so much, and you will quickly reach your inventory limit.

To learn how to upgrade your inventory in Minecraft Legends to collect more resources, read on.

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How to carry more resources in Minecraft Legends

Storage Improvement upgrade in Minecraft Legends
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You'll know if you have maxed out your resource limit if you receive a text pop-up during the Allay menu or if you notice a blue highlight on one of your resource counters (bottom left of the screen).

If you want to expand your inventory for resources, you'll need to purchase an upgrade from the Well of Fate.

The Well of Fate is a fast travel point on your map, meaning you only have to open your map and click on it at the centre to travel there.

Once you're there, you can open your 'Songbook' by clicking R (if on PC). This will bring up a book which you can scroll through to find new things to build in the far-right tab.

To get more space for resources you'll need to build a Storage Improvement, of which there are a few to select from. There are single Improvements that increase your storage capacity of the specified resource by 150.

Alternatively, there is the Allay Storage improvement which upgrades a few resource totals at once. These are +500 wood, 500 stone, 150 Lapis, 150 Gold and 150 Prismarine.

It does take Prismarine to build Improvements, however, meaning you'll need to save it up after defeating a few Piglin fortresses.

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