Here's how you can unlock every Golem in Minecraft Legends

Here's how you can unlock every Golem in Minecraft Legends
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21st Apr 2023 10:12

The highly anticipated Minecraft Legends has finally been released across all the platforms, and it includes an array of new in-game mobs, including golems.

Golems are powerful mobs that can aid you during your battle against Piglins in the game. While a few Golems are available by default in the game, you will need to follow a certain process to unlock all of them. Follow our rundown below to learn more.

How to unlock all Golems

Players can unlock a total of eight Golems throughout their journey in Minecraft Legends. While four of them are the standard ones and can easily be unlocked by progressing through the game, the rest are known as First Golems, and players need to put a little more effort into getting them.

How to Unlock All Golems in Minecraft Legends
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Here's how to unlock each golem:

First Golems

First Golems are basically the enhanced version of the standard Golems that can be unlocked by constructing Wake the Firsts Improvement at your Well of Fate. It’s worth noting that you will need 100 stone and 100 prismarine to craft it. 

Afterwards, head out in the wild and look for the question mark sign on the map to awaken the First Golems. However, the process is not over yet. The final step is to assemble all four Firsts Golems using different resources.

  • First of Oak: Gold x100 and Wood x500
  • First of Stone: Gold x100 and Stone x500
  • First of Brick: Gold x100 and Iron x125
  • First of Diorite: Gold x100 and Coal x125

Plank and Cobblestone Golems

These Golems are unlocked by default when you start the game. Plank Golems are little wooden creatures who can only attack at a range. However, don't underestimate their ability to rain down arrows on their enemies, which makes them a formidable ally.

At the same time, Cobblestone Golems are sturdy small creatures that enjoy destroying anything within their line of sight. Their body is made up of cobblestone, which makes them particularly effective at demolishing enemy structures.

Mossy and Grindstone Golems

These two Golems can be unlocked by constructing Iron Improvement. While Mossy heals you and your mobs during battles, Grindstone is an aggressive Golem who fights well against weaker hostile mobs like Mace Runt and Blaze Runt.

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