Here's how you can get all the mounts in Minecraft Legends

Here's how you can get all the mounts in Minecraft Legends
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Hritwik Raj


19th Apr 2023 12:09


Mounts play an important role in Minecraft Legends as they help you travel from one distance to another quickly. They also come with unique skills you can use to navigate through hard-to-reach locations, avoid fall damage, and other such things. 

I've thankfully got everything you need to do to get your own animal friend to ride in the game, so don't miss out and follow the steps to get your very own mount.

How do you get all the mounts?

At the time of writing this guide, we have four mounts in Minecraft Legends, where the first one, the Horse, is unlocked from the get-go. Apart from the starting Horse, we have three other mounts, namely:

  • Big Beak
  • Brilliant Beetle
  • Regal Tiger

You can get the above mounts by visiting their respective biomes and investigating the points of interest denoted by the question mark icon on the map. 

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Once you find them, go near and hold the 'X' button on your Xbox, the 'O' button on your PlayStation, and the 'Q' key on your keyboard to swap to the respective mount, unlocking them for further use.

After you unlock a mount in Minecraft Legends, they appear near villages around the map, making switching to the different mounts relatively easy. 

Big Beak bird

You can find the Big Beak bird mount in the Jagged Peaks biome located right next to the Dry Savana biome. To reach there, from Fatelands, travel towards the north, east, or northeast. You will eventually reach Jagged Peaks regardless of which of the three directions you move towards. 

Brilliant Beetle mount

You must go to the Jungle biome to find the Brilliant Beetle. Like before, explore the locations with question marks or simply run across the biome until you find the Brilliant Beetle to swap the mount. 

Regal Tiger mount

The Regal Tiger mount is found in the Dry Savannah biome. It is one of the closest biomes you can get to from Fatelands, which serves as the starting point. 

Mount abilities

Here are the different abilities that each mount offers in Minecraft Legends:

  • Horse - Infinite Sprint
  • Big Beak - Glide to avoid fall damage
  • Brilliant Beetle - Ability to climb vertical structures like walls and mountains
  • Regal Tiger - Speed! The Regal Tiger mount's specialty is that it's the fastest mount available in the game. 

Best mount in Minecraft Legends

Based on our impressions, we think the best mount in Minecraft Legends is the Brilliant Beetle, as it allows you to climb most of the structures found in the game's open world. 

Now, one can argue - why not Regal Tiger? Well! The Regal Tiger sure is the fastest mount, but it cannot climb some of the more vertical structures.

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