How long to beat Minecraft Legends: Story mode, co-op, & completionist runs explained

How long to beat Minecraft Legends: Story mode, co-op, & completionist runs explained
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18th Apr 2023 14:59

We’re heading into a wild period for games, so you might be wondering how long it takes to beat Minecraft Legends. After all, we all want to clear our backlogs before Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom rolls around, right?

Minecraft Legends is the newest addition to the series, adapting the voxel-based world into one that utilises real-time strategy gameplay mechanics. Best of all, it can be played in co-op.

Players may be wondering whether this Xbox Game Pass title can be beaten in a short space of time. So, to learn how long it may take you to beat Minecraft Legends, keep reading.

How long to beat Minecraft Legends

A gameplay screenshot of Minecraft Legends, which can be beaten in under 15 hours
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If you’re playing Minecraft Legends by yourself and on the standard difficulty mode, then you can expect to take around 12-15 hours to beat it. This is if you only focus on the main objective, don’t call in aid from a co-op partner, and don’t alter the difficulty settings.

However, there are a number of ways that you can extend or condense your playtime, should you desire. 

First of all, Minecraft Legends is playable in co-op. When two players load into the same world, the number of resources you can accrue essentially doubles, letting you build your structures and armies much more quickly.

As such, this means that you will likely speed through the main story of Minecraft Legends much more quickly if you play it in co-op.

How long to beat Minecraft Legends: Easy vs Hard

It will take you over 20 hours to beat Minecraft Legends on Hard
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Next up, Minecraft Legends has a few different difficulty levels to choose from, all of which will alter how long it takes you to beat the game. On the lowest difficulty, you can expect to sail through the story at a rapid pace, potentially finishing Minecraft Legends in under 10 hours.

Alternatively, if you enjoy a challenge and want to drag out your playtime a little longer, you can ramp up the difficulty. This will make the enemies much more difficult to defeat, and you’ll need to think more carefully about how you spend your hard-earned resources.

If you play on the hardest difficulty, expect to spend upwards of 20 hours playing Minecraft Legends.

Can you keep playing Minecraft Legends after the story is beaten?

After you’ve beaten the main story of Minecraft Legends, there are several ways that you can keep playing. The game is open-world, so you can continue to roam around and build structures even after defeating the final boss.

In addition, Minecraft Legends has a robust multiplayer mode that lets players go against each other in PvP. If this sounds like your way to play, then there’s the potential for endless hours of fun with Minecraft Legends.

That’s everything you need to know about how long it takes to beat Minecraft Legends.

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