Lapis in Minecraft Legends: How to get and use

Lapis in Minecraft Legends: How to get and use
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Kiera Mills


18th Apr 2023 13:40

Lapis in Minecraft Legends is a valuable resource needed to keep your army strong against the invading Piglins. Getting Lapis in Minecraft Legends and knowing how to use it is different than in the original Minecraft game, as such, read here and we'll let you know exactly how to use Lapis and the best way to collect it for your growing army.

Where to get Lapis in Minecraft Legends

Where to get Lapis in Minecraft Legends
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The amount of Lapis you have collected will show on the bottom left bar on your screen. This is where resources are held and will be highlighted in blue when you reach the maximum amount you can carry.

You can get Lapis by defeating Piglins in Minecraft Legends, so make sure you pick it up during battles before it disappears. It should be hard to miss as it'll look like bright blue stones on the ground.

You may also find Lapis in Village Chests. Village Chests are placed underneath towers in villagers that you have saved from Piglins. Once you have saved a village, you'll gain access to the Village Chest which will restock with resources over time.

How to use Lapis in Minecraft Legends

Mossy Golem, example of how to use Lapis to make Golems in Minecraft Legends
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Lapis is one of the most essential resources in Minecraft Legends as it is used to spawn Golems, the soldiers in your army. All Golem units need Lapis to be created, they will also need the resource allotted to them. For example, Plank Golems require one Wood and one Lapis to be created and Cobblestone Golems require one Lapis and one Stone block to be created.

This is why it is vital to keep your Lapis supply full so that you can create new units as and when you need them. As such, make sure you remember to collect Lapis from fallen Piglins to keep your supply topped up.

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