Minecraft Villager Jobs Explained

Minecraft Villager Jobs Explained
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The Minecraft villager jobs are quite varied, with the NPCs populating the game's world taking on different roles in their population hubs. Like everything in Minecraft, there is a more complex system behind the simple exterior, with villager professions benefiting the player in a myriad of ways. So for a full breakdown of how the villager professions work, this is the Minecraft villager jobs explained.

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Minecraft Villager Jobs: What Is A Villager?

Minecraft villagers
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So, what exactly is Minecraft villager? Well, villagers are passive mobs that live within randomly generated areas called "villages" in Minecraft. These villages can spawn in biomes such as plains, snowy tundras, savannas, deserts, taigas, and snowy taigas. 

These villagers work at their professions, breed, and interact with each other, as well as the player and the environment. Players can interact with a villager and trade with them using emeralds as a form of currency. 

Minecraft Villager Jobs: Types Of Villager

There are a couple of different types of villagers in Minecraft like the cleric villager, zombie villager, and even the cleric zombie villager.

Zombie Villager

The zombie villager spawns when a zombie kills a villager, however, this is only possible on normal mode (50% chance) and hard mode (100% chance). 

These zombie villagers can also spawn naturally in the Overworld given the same conditions as a regular zombie, but there is only a 5% chance that a zombie villager will spawn. 

Zombie villagers can also spawn within abandoned villages (also known as zombie villages) and igloos, in which they take the place of regular villagers.



While illagers may seem similar to villagers, they are, in fact, a different mob. Illagers are hostile villager-like mobs that have the ability to spawn in woodland mansions, pillager outposts, illager patrols, or raids. 

There are even a couple of illager variants including vindicators, evokers, pillagers, and illusioners (though, illusioners appear only in the Java Edition of Minecraft).

Illagers are former villagers that turned evil, and were outcast from their village forever, which sparked a hatred for villagers, so not only will they attack players but also villagers as well.

Wandering Trader

Wandering Traders are another type of villager that spawn close to the player randomly, or every so often in village gathering locations (in Bedrock Edition). They can also spawn near bells. 

Players can use emeralds to purchase items from wandering traders without having to unlock the previous trade, however, you cannot trade items for emeralds. 

These wandering traders drink a Potion of Invisibility at night (or when in view of a hostile mob), and in Java Edition, they will drink a milk bucket in the morning to remove the invisibility. Wandering traders despawn with their llamas after 40-60 minutes, even if they have a name tag, or are in a minecart or boat.

Minecraft Villager Jobs: Villager Professions Explained

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So, which Minecraft villagers jobs can be performed? Well, there's currently a total of 15 different villager professions that you can assign to most villagers in the game. 

In order to do so, you must place the proper job block that corresponds with the job that you would like to assign an Unemployed Villager. 

If you want to trade certain items with a Minecraft villager, you'll need to give them a specific job, which allows those villagers to offer certain items that aren't available if a villager is given another job.

If you are unlucky enough to not have an Unemployed Villager, all you have to do is break the job block that a random villager is using to make it unemployed. Then, you can replace the block to get the desired trade you want. 

Okay, so now it's onto the list of all the Minecraft villager jobs that can be filled.

  • Armorer (Offers armour and chainmail)
    • Job Block: Blast Furnace
  • Butcher (Offers emeralds and cooked meat)
    • Job Block: Smoker
  • Cartographer (Offers Maps and Banner Patterns)
    • Job Block: Cartography Table
  • Cleric (Offers magical items and Bottle o' Enchanting)
    • Job Block: Brewing Stand
  • Farmer (Offers advanced food and brewing ingredients)
    • Job Block: Composter
  • Fisherman (Offers fish and an enchanted Fishing Rod)
    • Job Block: Barrel
  • Fletcher (Offers bows, arrows, flint, and Tipped Arrows)
    • Job Block: Fletching Table
  • Leatherworker (Offers Leather Armor, Horse Armor, and Saddles)
    • Job Block: Cauldron
  • Librarian (Offers Enchanted Books and Name Tags)
    • Job Block: Lectern
  • Mason (Offers cut versions of blocks/bricks)
    • Job Block: Stonecutter
  • Nitwit (Offers nothing. Useless)
    • Job Block: N/A
  • Shepherd (Offers varying coloured wools and paintings)
    • Job Block: Loom
  • Toolsmith (Offers tools of varying quality, including enchanted)
    • Job Block: Smithing Table
  • Unemployed (Offers nothing, but can be employed)
    • Job Block: N/A
  • Weaponsmith (Sells Iron and Diamond Swords/Axes, including enchanted)
    • Job Block: Grindstone

There's everything you need to know about Minecraft villager professions. Now, all you have to do is go out on your journey to find a village. Oh, you should also make sure to pack a few emeralds with you on your trip, because those will be all too important when trying to trade with these villagers.

We also have an update on when the Minecraft Warden is coming to the game. 


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