How to turn off the narrator in Minecraft Legends

How to turn off the narrator in Minecraft Legends
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Tarun Sayal


19th Apr 2023 13:38

If you want to disable the narrator feature in Minecraft Legends, we’ve got you covered with this comprehensive guide. The narrator feature is a text-to-speech tool that reads in-game messages, texts, and kill feeds.

After being introduced in the 1.12 Java Edition update, the game developers subsequently integrated this option into other versions of Minecraft, such as Minecraft Legends. While it can help players who have difficulty reading on-screen text, it also serves as a distraction for a considerable number of Minecraft Legends players.

Therefore, we’ve provided a detailed breakdown of the steps to turn off the narrator in Minecraft Legends.

How to turn off the voice narrator in Minecraft Legends

How to turn off narrator in Minecraft Legends
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Minecraft Legends players can follow these steps to turn off the voice narrator feature in the game:

  • Go to the settings in Minecraft Legends.
  • Navigate to the Accessibility tab.
  • Find Text to Speech and tap on it to disable or enable it.

Alternatively, PC players can also hold down the Ctrl and Enter buttons at the same time to toggle the narrator feature. It’s worth noting that the process of turning off the narrator is similar across all gaming platforms.

What other accessibility features does Minecraft Legends have?

Besides this, Minecraft Legends allows you to adjust text size, swap AB and XY buttons, wrap hotbar navigation and skip cinematic. Finally, there is a colour-blind mode in Minecraft Legends that enables you to switch between three options, Deuteranopia, Protanopia and Tritanopia. 

All the aforementioned settings can be accessed within the Accessibility tab so that players can find all these options in a single place.

So there you have it. That’s everything you need to know about turning off the narrator in Minecraft Legends.

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