Where to find & how to defeat the Breeze in Minecraft

Where to find & how to defeat the Breeze in Minecraft
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20th Oct 2023 13:31

A new mob called the Breeze is on its way to Minecraft. This Minecraft mob is an interesting creature, as its attacks can trigger traps and send its targets airborne into danger. This primer serves as a detailed overview of the Breeze, including where to find it and the best strategies to defeat the game's new monster.

Where to find the Breeze in Minecraft

The Breeze inside of the Trial Chambers
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You can find the Breeze exclusively inside the Trial Chambers. The Breeze will appear randomly throughout the Trial Chambers, typically via Trial Spawners.

You can start exploring the Trial Chambers and battle the Breeze when the Minecraft 1.21 update goes live midway through 2024.

How to defeat the Breeze in Minecraft

The Breeze activating a trap with its Wind Charge
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Think of the Breeze as a wind-based variant of the Blaze. The Breeze harnesses the power of the wind to leap around and fire off its signature attack: Wind Charge.

The Breeze uses the Wind Charge primarily to send its targets flying backwards, and this unique attack can even interact with select blocks. Rooms in the Trial Chambers are brimming with buttons and trap doors, so don't underestimate the Breeze's ability to ensnare you!

Fortunately, the Wind Charge does not deal any damage when it explodes midair, but it will hurt you if you come into direct contact with it. Knowing this, it's not a bad idea to keep your distance and defeat the Breeze by bombarding it with arrows.

The Breeze likes to move and jump around a lot, so whenever it's on the ground and an easy target, make it a priority to deal damage and weaken it. The Breeze usually doesn't fight alone either, so don't let it distract you from other, more threatening mobs! 

Remember, the Breeze doesn't specialise in dealing damage. This mob mainly supports the other hostile mobs that flood out of Trial Spawners.

That's everything you need to know about Minecraft's newest mob, the Breeze. Look for the Breeze to appear in Minecraft sometime in the summer of 2024, courtesy of the 1.21 update.

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