How to switch teams in Minecraft Legends multiplayer

How to switch teams in Minecraft Legends multiplayer
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Tarun Sayal


19th Apr 2023 15:07

When playing PvP multiplayer mode in Minecraft Legends, some players may wish to switch teams for reasons such as competing against friends or balancing the squads. However, Minecraft Legends requires you to follow a certain process if you want to switch teams in the game.

Since the game has just been launched, some players may need help with doing so. Therefore, we’ve put together this Minecraft Legends guide to help you switch teams in players versus players mode.

How do you switch teams in Minecraft Legends

How to switch teams in Minecraft Legends Private versus mode
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Switching teams is only possible in Minecraft Legends’ Private Versus mode by pressing the following buttons before the match.

  • PC: If you are playing on a PC, press Y on your keyboard to open the team selection menu. After selecting this option, you can confirm your choice by pressing the enter key.
  • Xbox: Press the Y button on the Xbox controller to change your team.
  • PlayStation: PS5 & PS4 players will have to press the triangle button on their PlayStation controller to switch teams.
  • Nintendo: Finally, pressing X on Nintendo Switch will bring up the team selection menu.

After pressing the respective button, a menu will appear on the screen where you can make the squad adjustments.

However, it’s worth noting that you won’t be able to change your team once the game begins, and the only thing you can do is restart the round if you’re the host. While some speculate that future updates may include the option to switch teams post-match, it is currently unavailable.

How to switch teams in Minecraft Legends Public versus mode
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In Public Versus mode, players cannot change teams, and the game automatically balances them. However, if a player's friend's team has fewer players and the lobby is open to the public, there is a possibility that the player may be moved to the opposite team automatically.

That’s all you need to know about switching teams in Minecraft Legends. In case you’re wondering whether you can play the game, then check out Minecraft Legends PC system requirements.

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