Minecraft Legends units tier list: All units ranked from worst to best

Minecraft Legends units tier list: All units ranked from worst to best
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Playing Minecraft Legends and struggling to figure out what the best unit is? Then don't worry, we have you covered in this complete tier list of all the units featured.

Below is our tier list of best to worst Minecraft Legends units, a breakdown of each unit, and how best to implement them in battle against the evil horde of Piglins in the game.

Minecraft Legends is an action strategy game, so a long way from what Minecraft originally was, but this game still has the charm and style that we have come to expect from Mojang Studios' popular title. 

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Minecraft Legends unit tier list

Here's our list of the best Minecraft Legends units ranked. When determining which are the best units, we took into account a wide variety of factors like defence, attack rate and support abilities. See below for a breakdown of each unit's abilities and where best to use them in combat.

Tier Units
S-tier Warrior, Mossy Golem, First of Diorite
A-tier Zombie, First of Oak, First of Stone, Cobblestone Golem, Skeleton
B-tier Grindstone Golem, Creeper, First of Brick
C-tier Plank Golem

What are the best Minecraft Legends units?

#1 Warrior

A Warrior unit, one of the best Minecraft Legends units
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Warriors are undoubtedly S-tier units and might be the outright best units in the game. Warriors cut through piglins like butter, and a few of them together can take out settlements with little to no assistance. 

Better yet, Warriors don't take up space in your army, so having these units on your side is a purely net positive impact. But, unfortunately, Warriors don't become available until late in the Minecraft Legends campaign, so you'll be without these S-tier units for the majority of your playthrough.

#2 Mossy Golem

Minecraft Legends Mossy Golem Unit
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Mossy Golems are classified as support mobs, so fighting hostile mobs head-on isn't their speciality. However, Mossy Golems are able to clear debuffs and heal allied mobs.

Adding a few Mossy Golems to your army will do wonders for its sustainability. Direct your Mossy Golems to follow behind your troops on the front lines to help keep them alive and allow the offensive troops to push through enemy defences.

#3 First of Diorite

A First of Diorite unit, one of the best Minecraft Legends units
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The First of Diorite earns its spot in S-tier thanks to its ability to summon golems to fight alongside you. Like Warriors, units created by the First of Diorite won't count toward your spawned unit limit.

Not only will the First of Diorite bolster your army, but you also won't need to spend Minecraft Legends Lapis and other valuable resources to summon extra units mid-battle.

Minecraft Legends units ranked: A-tier

#4 Zombie

Minecraft Legends Zombie Unit
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Don't let their size fool you because Zombies are tanky units with high health and resistance to debuffs. On top of that, Zombies can dispense a disruptive melee attack that deals substantial damage. Zombies aren't as powerful as Warriors, but they are still a force to be reckoned with on the front lines of Minecraft Legends

#5 First of Oak

Minecraft Legends First of Oak Unit
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The First of Oak may be the best unit in Minecraft Legends when it comes to dealing single-target damage. The First of Oak sports a cannon that launches exceptionally powerful ranged attacks that can one-shot elite piglins and minibosses.

The First of Oak has more range than even Skeletons, so it serves well as an attacking unit or a unit you station to defend your base. With a substantial health pool, the First of Oak's only flaw is that it is susceptible to getting overwhelmed by hostile melee units.

#6 First of Stone

Minecraft Legends First of Stone Unit
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The First of Stone is basically a souped-up Cobblestone Golem with tons of health. The First of Stone isn't very effective against hostile mobs, but it can tear apart enemy defences. Also, the First of Stone features a ranged attack in which it tosses a massive boulder that'll wreck anything in its path.

#7 Cobblestone Golem

Minecraft Legends Cobblestone Golem Unit
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Cobblestone Golems function similarly to the First of Stone but lack a ranged attack. However, add a half dozen of these units to your army, and they'll work together to draw attention from hostile mobs while bulldozing into enemy bases.

Cobblestone Golems don't pack a lot of firepower, so make sure you have some damage-dealing units to battle alongside these tanks. Still, with how cheap they are to summon, Cobblestone Golems are definitely worthy of A-tier.

#8 Skeleton

Minecraft Legends Skeleton Unit
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Skeletons are simple mobs that thrive from long distances with their bow and arrows. Skeletons are great multipurpose units, as they can assault enemy forts from behind your front-line troops or protect your base from defensive positions.

Skeletons are rather fragile, so try to carefully manage these A-tier units and ensure they're well protected!

Minecraft Legends units ranked: B-tier

#9 Grindstone Golem

Minecraft Legends Grindstone Golem Unit
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Grindstone Golems are fast-moving pests that excel at getting behind enemy lines and stunning and taking out hostile ranged mobs. Grindstone Golems sit in B-tier because they are niche units that do their best work against low-ranking mobs. Once you get further in the Minecraft Legends campaign, Grindstone Golems become less effective.

#10 Creeper

Minecraft Legends Creeper Unit
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Creepers are kamikaze units that charge enemies and structures fearlessly before exploding. Creepers can dish out devastating amounts of damage, but after they explode, they're gone for good.

It's no doubt fun to blast piglins and their comrades to pieces with Creepers. The problem is, you'll eat through resources summoning new units every time your Creepers meet their inevitable doom.

#11 First of Brick

Minecraft Legends First of Brick Unit
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The First of Brick deploys a shield that protects all friendly units inside of it. This support mob has its uses, but generally, you're better off with Mossy Golems.

Minecraft Legends worst unit

#12 Plank Golem

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Alone in the C-tier is the Plank Golem. Plank Golems are cheap to create, although that might be their only redeeming quality. These units will get torn apart by elites and minibosses, and they don't do anything that other units can't do better.

And there you have it - all 12 commandable Minecraft Legends units, ranked from worst to best. Use this tier list to determine which mobs are worth a spot in your Minecraft Legends army.

If you're needing anything else Minecraft Legends, then be sure to check out the rest of our guides for the strategy game. 

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