Lost Ark Unknown Island: How To Earn The Island Token

Lost Ark Unknown Island: How To Earn The Island Token
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13th Sep 2022 17:15

Lost Ark Unknown Island is an end-game islands that players will have to wait a bit to visit due to its high equipment level requirements and randomisation mechanics that make it challenging to find. You will discover a plethora of Lost Ark islands during your adventures across Arkesia, with all of them offering new quests, activities, and collectibles. If you're looking for a walkthrough of how to find and complete Lost Ark Unknown Island for the collectible token, we've got you covered. 

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Lost Ark Unknown Island: How To Find Unknown Island

Lost Ark Unknown Island location
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Firstly, you will need to acquire access to the Lost Ark ships before you can venture to the Unknown Island, meaning you need to reach the end-game. Hitting combat level 50 is a must, and the recommended equipped item level is 460, which can take some time to hit during the end-game, meaning this island is unlikely to be one of your first ports of call. Due to the amount of combat you will be doing here, it's especially important to be prepared.

The island itself can be found directly east of the Faten continent, or south-west of Shushire. It's also north of the Lost Ark Monte Island, situated in the middle of the ocean. 


Lost Ark Unknown Island: How To Get The Island Token

Lost Ark Unknown Island boss
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To find the Unknown Island Token, you will need to defeat one of the island bosses that spawn during the A Veiled Entity quest. Three minutes after the first player enters the island this quest will begin, and all players will be tasked with finding the route toward the boss. The boss in question will either be the Beast King of Light or the Beast King of Darkness, and they'll spawn at either the north, south, west, or east side of the island. 

To make the hunting of the boss harder, there are three possible paths which are randomised every time the island quest is started, so players will have to start the quest by hunting down the correct path. The path you have to take will be obvious, as it will be blocked by destructible vines periodically, along with some ape enemies that need to be slain along the way. 

After following the path to its end, one of the above bosses will spawn, and the fight will begin. Once the boss is defeated, it has a chance of dropping the Unknown Island Token, a rare rune, some stone fragments, and Lost Ark gold. As an RNG drop, there are no guarantees you will receive the Island Token on your first run of this place, so you may have to repeat the process a few times. While some of the steps for working your way through this island can seem opaque, you'll likely be with a number of players, making the quest a lot simpler. 

That's our primer on completing the Lost Ark Unknown Island and receiving the Island Token.

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