How To Earn Gold In Lost Ark

How To Earn Gold In Lost Ark
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You will want to know how to earn Gold in Lost Ark, as it's an important currency during much of the game for purchasing items from vendors and merchants. Lost Ark has various currencies, from collectibles to standard coinage used in the store and in-game. If you want to know how the best earn Gold in Lost Ark, we've got you covered. 


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Lost Ark Gold: What Is It Used For?

Lost Ark Gold auction house
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Gold is the main currency you can use for trading with other Lost Ark players, and it's also shared between all characters linked to your account. This means you should always be careful about which character you spend gold on, as it reduces your coffers for everyone. 

The main place for using your hard-earned gold is the in-game player-driven marketplace, which is unlocked at combat level 30. You can buy items from players or list your own wares for sale on the marketplace, and a savvy player can use it to make a tidy profit if they know what items to farm or craft.

  • Once you've reached level 50, you don't have to spend hours grinding other characters if you use the Lost Ark Powerpass.

Lost Ark Gold: How To Earn It

Lost Ark Gold Una's Tokens
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Gold can be earned in a variety of different ways, and during your journey into the end-game you should rack up a nice chunk to make use of. Obviously, the end-game is only the beginning with an MMO, so there are even more ways to gather gold once you get there too. We'll highlight the best method of obtaining gold, along with some other useful ways.

Without a doubt, farming gold in the end-game is made the easiest by completing the Una daily and weekly tasks. You need to be combat level 50 before unlocking these, and then you can access the Una task screen with ALT+J. On here, you can claim the tasks, but note you can only finish three dailies per day, and three weeklies per week. 


Finishing a task will reward you with points that can be redeemed for Una's Tokens in the same menu, at the end of the week. Claim your tokens, and then find a City Gold Merchant in any of the major towns to exchange your points into bags of gold, which award you a random amount of gold once used. The other methods of obtaining gold will net you way less overall, but they are still worth doing. These are:

  • Finding secret rooms in Lost Ark dungeons, and defeating the dungeon boss before the timer runs down
  • Completing a Guardian Raid for the first time
  • Building Lost Ark rapport with certain NPCs
  • Completing Gateway maps
  • Completing daily adventure islands 

That's all for our guide on Lost Ark gold, and now you know what gold is used for, and some of the best ways to farm it consistently.

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