Lost Ark May 2023 update: New Slayer class, progression changes & more

Lost Ark May 2023 update: New Slayer class, progression changes & more
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1st May 2023 16:55

We know the details of the Lost Ark May 2023 update coming on May 10, as Smilegate has now revealed the content roadmap from May to August, which details a lot of new content and changes coming to the MMO. 

Lost Ark has drawn in a lot of players since its launch in the West just over a year ago, with the frequent content updates keeping them around. Smilegate always details its upcoming changes in roadmaps, and with the latest one, we know exactly what the next few months have in store for the game

So, if you want to start by learning what changes are coming in the Lost Ark May 2023 update, we've got you covered. 

Lost Ark May 2023 update explained

key art of the Slayer class introduced in the Lost Ark May update
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Kicking off the new content roadmap is the Lost Ark May 2023 update, arriving on May 10, which is set to introduce a bunch of new content, such as a new class, progression changes, and a new PvP season. Read on for all the details.

Slayer advanced class

The biggest addition in the Lost Ark May 2023 update is the brand-new Slayer class, which is the fifth class that's now part of the Warrior archetype. 

The Slayer is a female remix of the Berserker class, a melee warrior who makes big moves on the battlefield with a great sword and plenty of fury. 

Burst Mode is a big feature of the class, which can be activated by filling the Fury Speciality Metre with successive attacks. During Burst Mode, the Slayer's damage and move speed is massively increased. 

Ebony Cube

A new activity has been introduced called Ebony Cube, which combines the Boss Rush and Cube modes together into one bombastic wave-clearing activity. For players with tickets for Boss Rush or Cube, follow the Lost Ark socials for information on what will happen to those. 

Progression changes and quality of life updates

There are numerous progression changes and quality of life updates also coming to the Lost Ark May 2023 update:

  • Knowledge Transfer has been improved to ease character progression, by alleviating the prerequisite conditions.  
  • In some Guardian Raids, players will receive free battle items relevant to the guardian. These are removed upon leaving the raid.
  • End-game raiding entry limits and rewards are being reworked.
  • New Gunslinger/Deadeye stances and weapon glows.

Proving Grounds Season 3

Season 3 of the Proving Grounds competitive PvP arena is arriving, letting players prove they are one of the best warriors in Arkesia with a rank reset, new rewards, prestige, and more.

That's all for our coverage of the Lost Ark May 2023 update, and now you know all the new content changes coming in the May 10 update.

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