Lost Ark Roadmap Part 3 2023: Souleater class, Prime Island Battle Royale & more

Lost Ark Roadmap Part 3 2023: Souleater class, Prime Island Battle Royale & more
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10th Aug 2023 14:58


The Lost Ark Roadmap Part 3 for 2023 has finally been revealed, detailing the rest of the changes for the year, including the Souleater class, Prime Island Battle Royale, and much more through the following months. 

Lost Ark has had a big 2023, with a new continent and many new classes that add depth to the game's PvE and PvP components.

However, the year isn't over yet and there is plenty to come, so make sure to read on for the full Lost Ark Roadmap Part 3 for 2023, as we've got all of the details below.

You can also check out the full roadmap on the Lost Ark blog.

Lost Ark Roadmap Part 3: August

key art for the Lost Ark Roadmap Part 3 August update
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Daily Activity adjustments

Chaos Dungeon Adjustments

  • For Chaos Dungeons, our first priority is to improve the playability of the dungeon itself. Fatigue in Chaos Dungeons is not a problem that can be solved by simply reducing the number of encounters, and if Chaos Dungeons are fun and rewarding to play, players will feel less fatigued

  • The first phase of our overhaul of Chaos Dungeons includes increased rewards such as cards, higher level gems, more silver, along with enemy AI tweaks to reduce the time it takes to play a single dungeon by roughly 25%

  • We plan to work with Smilegate RPG to make further improvements as we continue to listen to player feedback and in-game data

Guardian Raids

  • Guardian Raids will be adjusted to one per day, and the rewards will be increased

Increased accessibility to cards

The base supply of cards will be increasing for all players. Along with increasing the supply of cards in Chaos Dungeons and Guardian Raids, there will be other sources of supply, such as adjusting the frequency of Wandering Vendors.

Lost Ark Roadmap Part 3: September

key art for the Lost Ark Roadmap Part 3 September update
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Jump-start servers

Jump-start servers will be a fresh beginning for players looking to give Lost Ark another try, by making the early and mid-game more lively, and by reducing the gatekeeping in raids.

There will be a Jump-start server in each region, with independent matchmaking, party finder, marketplace, and auction house. Players will also get a South Vern pass to immediately get a character to Item Level 1415.

Yoz's Jar - Season 1 & 2

Yoz's Jar is a consumable that can be used to get a variety of Epic and Legendary skins in the game. 

If you have a skin you don't like, you can break it down into cloth, which can be used with the jar to roll a new skin from a determined list. Yoz's Jar will be sold in the store.

Affection Rapport ranks

Thirain and Nineveh are two characters that players have gotten to know very well during their time in Arkesia — and now there’s an opportunity to further deepen those rapport relationships.

  • Thirain has been busy with work, but the royal ball is quickly approaching! This ball is meant to commemorate the day that he ascended to the throne, but behind Luterra’s excitement for the event, Thirain is facing hardships that he only trusts you with

  • Nineveh is always a bright spot in Arkesia, working hard to help others. Her animal friends have prepared a surprise party for her, but before she can celebrate, she collapses due to a mysterious chaotic force! It seems there is more beyond Nineveh’s cheerful exterior; deep wounds and stories that she is ready to reveal to you

Primal Island Battle Royale

Primal Island is a new island where players can partake in a fierce battle royal competition. The arena is open to characters with an Item Level of 1490.

Ark Pass

A new Ark Pass season will begin in September, with a free and premium tier for rewards and cosmetics.

Lost Ark Roadmap Part 3: October

key art for the Lost Ark Roadmap Part 3 October update
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Pleccia is the latest continent in the game, available for players at Item Level 1474 and higher. It's set to be a land of romance, art, and freedom, making for one of the more aesthetically pleasing locales.

The main story here involves a mystery surrounding the Vediche family and the priests of Sacria. Once the story is finished, players can collect unique items around the continent for a special reward and hidden achievements.

Calligos Trial Guardian Raid

A new Guardian Raid is arriving where players can face off with Calligos, the master of lightning. Players with the first clear or the fastest time will be displayed in a leaderboard, and new titles are available to show off your accomplishments.

Lost Ark Roadmap Part 3: November

key art for the Lost Ark Roadmap Part 3 November update
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Souleater advanced class

The Souleater is an Assassin subclass who wields a giant scythe to collect the souls of her enemies. The class can attack in three main ways: the scythe, by summoning the dead, or by turning in a reaper.

The class identity of the Souleater is the Reaper Mode, where you can transform into a reaper form and use special skills after filling your Soul Stone guage.

Class Engravings:

  • Full Moon - helps players fill up Soul Stones to quickly enter Reaper Mode, and burst enormous damage in a short window. For those who want to land powerful strikes with big numbers while playing the Souleater, this engraving would be it

  • Dark Moon - is an engraving that does not use Reaper Mode, but instead uses the identity meter to enhance existing skills instead. It provides a speedier and agile combat experience to players, compared to its counterpart

Progression events

There will be progression events in November to help players with the Souleater class level up, such as a free Powerpass and Express event.

Lost Ark Roadmap Part 3: December

key art for the Lost Ark Roadmap Part 3 December update
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Voldis is another new continent, coming in December for players at Item Level 1520 and above. Voldis is a land of sages and alchemy, with the bustling capital city of Kalinar, and the surrounding area of the Great Rainforest full of monsters and mystery. 

The story follows the Sages and the Sage's Tower, with an epilogue featuring a number of quests too.

Ivory Tower Abyssal Dungeon

Voldis also has a new Abyssal Dungeon, the Ivory Tower, which is available for players at Item Level 1600 on Normal, and Item Level 1620 on Hard. 

The rewards include Honing Materials, Gold, hidden rewards, and the new Elixirs.


Elixirs are an new system that will increase the combat abilities of players, imbuing their gear with new effects. Epic Elixirs are obtained in the Normal Ivy Tower Abyssal Dungeon, while Legendary Elixirs can be gained on Hard.

  • To refine an Elixir, players need to first get ‘Ductility Catalyst’ by paying gold and Chaos Stones. Catalysts are also acquirable through Wandering Merchant in Voldis

  • The refining process requires both a certain amount of Gold and Catalysts. Players have a set amount of tries for each refining process (11 tries for Epic, and 14 tries for Legendary), and players can use the advice from the three Sages of the Tower to pick the best outcome possible. Players will need to think carefully and use the advice well – it’s important to understand the logic of the system

  • There are powerful Set bonuses to aim for when special conditions are met. The refining process is unlike any other experience in Lost Ark – it relies on a certain amount of luck, but it also requires the players to think carefully and logically to plan for the best outcome

  • Once the Elixir is done refining, players can imbue the Elixir to their equipment to get bonus effects. There are various types of bonuses that Elixirs provide – categorized broadly into offensive, defensive, and utility. Players can choose a maximum of five abilities for each Elixir and refine two out of the five. So there will be 10 abilities once refining is done – two for each piece of equipment, without the weapon

Ark Pass

A new Ark Pass season will begin in September, with a free and premium tier for rewards and cosmetics.

That's our coverage of the Lost Ark Roadmap Part 3 for 2023, and now you know all the new additions in the upcoming months.

Check out our Lost Ark homepage for all of the latest news and guides in the popular MMORPG.

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