Everything You Need To Know About The Lost Ark Anniversary Event

Everything You Need To Know About The Lost Ark Anniversary Event
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22nd Feb 2023 11:14

The Lost Ark Anniversary event began at the start of the month, celebrating a whole year since the game was released, back on February 8, 2022.

Lost Ark has become one of the biggest MMOs in the world, with its action RPG mechanics, massive world, and lots of end-game content connecting with players. If you've been around since the start and want to celebrate a whole year in Arkesia, check out our explainer of the Lost Ark Anniversary event.

Lost Ark Anniversary Event Explained

Lost Ark Anniversary Event
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Beginning on February 8, Lost Ark had an Anniversary event, and while most of the content from this is unavailable, there are still some aspects of the celebration that are continuing.

One of the biggest new additions that came with the one-year anniversary, was the brand-new continent of Rowen which is now available for players who have finished the main story.

This region is divided down the middle between two competing factions: Preigelli and Liebertane, who are stuck in the middle of a war. As part of the story here, you can select a faction to align with, changing the quest depending on your initial choice.

Lost Ark Anniversary Event stats
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The devs also released a full year in review, highlighting the cumulative stats of the community, including total player deaths, PvP matches, guilds, Lost Ark Mokoko Seeds collected, and much more. You can see the full breakdown in the picture above.

The full birthday event ended on February 21, meaning you can no longer take part in the Fever-Time event and earn the exclusive rewards associated with it. However, the anniversary Twitch drops are still in effect until February 27.

For these Twitch rewards, you will need to accumulate eight total hours of watch time in participating Lost Ark streams, split into four for the first set of rewards, and another four for the second set.

The rewards that can be earned are the Traditional Punikan Clothing Selection Chest, 1st Anniversary Headband Selection Chest, and 1000 Lost Ark Amethyst Shards.

That's all for our explainer of the Lost Ark Anniversary event, and now you know while it's mostly over, the new continent is there to explore and you can still grab some Twitch rewards.

Need help with a build? Check out the Lost Ark Scrapper builds for PvP and PvE.

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