Lost Ark Ships: What Is The Best Ship?

Lost Ark Ships: What Is The Best Ship?
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The Lost Ark ships are a massive part of the end-game content, as you will frequently sail across Arkesia to explore the various islands which are full of quests, activities, collectibles, and NPCs to gain Rapport with. You will also need to know what the best Lost Ark ship is, so you can focus on getting the best vessel for sailing. There are a few things you'll need to do before getting to access them, but read on as we run down how to unlock Lost Ark ships, along with a full list of the available ships. 

Lost Ark Ships: How To Unlock Ships

Lost Ark Ships wavestrand port
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The ability to sail and man the Lost Ark ships comes during the quest called Set Sail, which can be reached by following the main story. If you just follow the main questline, it shouldn't take you very long, but most players should reach it after roughly 25 hours. Once you arrive at Wavestrand Port and complete Have to Half It, you will get the Set Sail quest.

  • Make sure to look out for the Lost Ark Jewel Coral on your nautical adventures, which can earn you an uncommon mount.

The quest gives you your very own ship, Estoque, which is the base model of the available ships - featuring the best average of resistances against the various threats of the sea. With a ship, you can access a bunch of new quests, events, and activities; the latter including fishing, loot recovery, treasure hunting, and locating sunken ships. 

There is more than the Estoque though, and they each have different resistance to hazardous waters and utility. There are other attributes concerning sailors, ship level and upgrades, skills, and other stats separate from resistance.  

As we've previously said, each ship has different resistances to hazardous waters, which are segments of open ocean that can cause damage to your ship. The resistance against a hazard is measured by a number between 1 and 100, and it can be upgraded for every ship beyond the default.

The different types of hazardous waters are:

  • Kelp Beds - These areas full of algae will slow your ship.
  • Sandstorm Seas - Deals extra damage to your ship and reduces visibility.
  • Siren Sea - Stay for too long and your ship can be stunned.
  • Cold Snap Seas - Frozen seas that damage and slow ships.
  • Tempest Seas - Stormy seas that disable skills and damages ships.
  • Dead Waters - Huge health and speed decrease to ships that sail in these areas.

Lost Ark Ships: List Of Ships 

Lost Ark Ships
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There are a total of eight ships including the default one you earn during the Set Sail quest. 


  • Kelp Beds Resistance - 23
  • Sandstorm Seas Resistance - 22
  • Siren Seas Resistance - 21
  • Cold Snap Seas Resistance - 22
  • Tempest Seas Resistance - 18
  • Dead Waters Resistance - 18
  • Base Speed - 22

Received after reaching level three reputation in She Drifts, Sea Gifts Una daily quest.



  • Kelp Beds Resistance - 13
  • Sandstorm Seas Resistance - 15
  • Siren Seas Resistance - 50
  • Cold Snap Seas Resistance - 12
  • Tempest Seas Resistance - 12
  • Dead Waters Resistance - 25
  • Base Speed - 18.5

Obtained as a reward once you reach level four reputation in the Lopang Island Una daily quest.

Eibern's Wound

  • Kelp Beds Resistance - 12
  • Sandstorm Seas Resistance - 12
  • Siren Seas Resistance - 17
  • Cold Snap Seas Resistance - 25
  • Tempest Seas Resistance - 22
  • Dead Waters Resistance - 50
  • Base Speed - 18.3

Earned as a reward for gaining level three reputation in the Bleak Night Fog Una daily quest.


  • Kelp Beds Resistance - 30
  • Sandstorm Seas Resistance - 30
  • Siren Seas Resistance - 30
  • Cold Snap Seas Resistance - 30
  • Tempest Seas Resistance - 30
  • Dead Waters Resistance - 30
  • Base Speed - 20

Can be unlocked once you begin the Set Sail quest during the main story.


  • Kelp Beds Resistance - 55
  • Sandstorm Seas Resistance - 16
  • Siren Seas Resistance - 15
  • Cold Snap Seas Resistance - 19
  • Tempest Seas Resistance - 25
  • Dead Waters Resistance - 12
  • Base Speed - 21

Earned as a reward for reaching level three reputation in the Ride like the Wind Una daily quest.


  • Kelp Beds Resistance - 26
  • Sandstorm Seas Resistance - 12
  • Siren Seas Resistance - 12
  • Cold Snap Seas Resistance - 50
  • Tempest Seas Resistance - 12
  • Dead Waters Resistance - 15
  • Base Speed - 19

The rewards for completing the North Vern main storyline.


  • Kelp Beds Resistance - 16
  • Sandstorm Seas Resistance - 25
  • Siren Seas Resistance - 12
  • Cold Snap Seas Resistance - 12
  • Tempest Seas Resistance - 50
  • Dead Waters Resistance - 12
  • Base Speed - 18

Earned for reaching level four reputation during the Hypnos's Eyes Una daily quest

White Wind 

  • Kelp Beds Resistance - 16
  • Sandstorm Seas Resistance - 50
  • Siren Seas Resistance - 25
  • Cold Snap Seas Resistance - 12
  • Tempest Seas Resistance - 12
  • Dead Waters Resistance - 12
  • Base Speed - 19

Unlocked for finishing the main storyline of Anikka.

  • We also have a breakdown of the Lost Ark Pet Ranch, which allows you to employ pets to make cookies and earn lots of rewards.  

Lost Ark Best Ship

Our pick for the best Lost Ark ship is the Estoque. There are a few arguments that could be made for different ships, but the Estoque boasts the best stats. It offers up resistances for all the hazardous water types, meaning you can sail anywhere, and it's also one of the faster ships. Lastly, it comes with a solid durability stat that allows you to come out on top in any battles and stops the Estoque from falling to pieces in hazardous water. 

That's all for our rundown of the Lost Ark ships, including how you initially unlock access to them, and the list of ships that can be earned.

We also have a primer on the Lost Ark AFK Timer if you're wondering how long you can idle for.

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