How To Start The Lost Ark X Witcher Event

How To Start The Lost Ark X Witcher Event
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19th Jan 2023 17:20

Need to know how to start the Lost Ark X Witcher event that began on January 18? Lost Ark's western release anniversary is nearly here, and coinciding with this special occasion is a month-long crossover with The Witcher franchise, which adds some new quests, cosmetics, and more. 

If you've been looking forward to this crossover and want to take part in the new quests, check out how to start the Lost Ark X Witcher event. 

How To Start The Lost Ark X Witcher Event

How To Start The Lost Ark X Witcher Event
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Before you can begin the process of starting the Lost Ark X Witcher event, there is one criterion you need to meet. You'll need to have finished the Set Sail quest, which can be accessed once you reach level 50 toward the end of the main story, allowing you access to the Lost Ark ships

If you've met this, head to any major city in the game and locate the local Guild Investigator. We recommend heading to Vern Castle for this first part, because it makes the following steps easier. 

Speak to Guild Investigator, and you will get an event quest called Mysterious Whirlpool, which tasks you with locating White Wolf's Haven, an island on the east coast of North Vern. 

Set sail to the island and follow the questline, which is currently made up of four quests: Mysterious Whirlpool, Fateful Meeting, White Wolf, and Festival Cooking Panic. In total, it should take you about 30 minutes to complete these quests, and you'll get some exclusive Witcher rewards out of it.  

Once you reach the end of the Festival Cooking Panic quest, the Festival Cook NPC will tell you to come back tomorrow for more quests. There are five quests in total for this section, allowing you to do one on each subsequent day.

The first is Festival Cooking Panic, followed by Song of the Bards, What is this Doll?, Build a Landmark, and The End and Beginning. Finishing each of these quests will gift you a Witcher-themed card, along with more event rewards. 

The Lost Ark X Witcher event is set to run from January 18 to February 22, so you do have a month to finish these quests and get all the rewards. However, you will need to start the first of the final five quests on February 17 at the latest if you want to finish them all and get the rewards. 

That's all for our explainer of how to start the Lost Ark X Witcher event, and now you know how to start the new questline. 

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