Lost Ark Monte Island: How To Get The Monte Island Token

Lost Ark Monte Island: How To Get The Monte Island Token
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16th Aug 2022 17:04

Lost Ark Monte Island lets players duke it out in a competitive quest for a better chance at earning the collectible Island Token and conquer the island. There are many Island Tokens to track down in Lost Ark, thanks to numerous island quests, objectives, and more, so they are worth seeking out. Lost Ark Monte Island is a good place to start with your hunt for the Island Tokens, so check out how to find and complete the island. 

Lost Ark Monte Island: Where Is Monte Island Located?

Lost Ark Monte Island location
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Monte Island is located just north-east of Bern, and across the sea from Faten. It's recommended you reach combat level 50 and equipped item level 250 before setting sail to this place, however there is no fighting to speak of on the island. 

Monte Island is also an adventure island, meaning it only spawns during set times every week on a partially randomised schedule, meaning it may not show up every single day. The spot where it's located will turn into a giant whirlpool just before the island shows up, and you can check when it's available by using your Procyon's Compass just under the minimap. 


Lost Ark Monte Island: How To Earn The Island Token

Lost Ark Monte Island Token
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As we said earlier, Monte Island pits you against each other. When the first player steps on the island, a competitive quest begins where all the participating players have to search the area and open chests. These chests are marked on the map, but there are some hidden ones inside of tree trunks. Every chest opened by a player rewards them points, and once a total of 5000 points has been reached from all players, the competition ends, and the scores are counted. 

Each player will receive one Monte Island Join Reward for taking part in the quest, which has a chance to drop the Island Token, meaning you may have to repeat the quest until you get it. Players also receive Monte Island Participation Rewards and silver based on their ranking in the competition. Even if you rank out of the top four, you still will receive 22 of these rewards, but first place can earn 30. 

The Participation Rewards can be used as currency with a vendor in the middle of the island, who sells engravings and two legendary crew members for your Lost Ark ships

That's our rundown of the Lost Ark Monte Island, and now you know where to locate it, and how to earn the Island Token.

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