How To Get Lost Ark Eternity Isle Token

How To Get Lost Ark Eternity Isle Token
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9th Sep 2022 13:00

Lost Ark Eternity Isle is one of the harder end-game islands, and you will only be able to complete it after progressing far into the end-game portion. All of the Lost Ark islands have collectable Island Tokens for players to earn, which you can trade into a special merchant for powerful rewards that will make you stronger. If you are far into the end game and want to try your hand at the Lost Ark Eternity Isle Token, we've got you covered. 

  • We also cover how to earn Lost Ark Perception Shards in the end-game, which is another resource players can use for items and upgrades. 

Lost Ark Eternity Isle Location

Lost Ark Eternity Isle Location
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Lost Ark Eternity Isle can be accessed after progressing into the end-game, and is located to the south-east of Feiton, and the north-east of Rohendel, where it's in the middle of some rough waters. It's also directly west of the Lost Ark Isle of Yearning, and north of Lost Ark Hope Island, past the Metus Islands. 

Eternity Isle is a permanent island that requires players to be item level 802 before they can disembark on its shores. You'll need to progress far into the end-game before reaching this level, and it will require a lot of Lost Ark Harmony Shards


How To Get Lost Ark Eternity Isle Token

How To Get Lost Ark Eternity Isle Token
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Once you are able to land at Eternity Isle, you will need to speak to the first NPC you see to begin The Secret Gates quest, which tasks you with finding three locations across the island, one of which is secret. Find the first two places which are marked, and then head to the spot we have highlighted on the map above. You'll find a dead end, but there will be a secret jump point you can interact with to follow a trail and find the oasis. 

At the oasis, there is a character called Mari. Continue the quest until it's complete, and then finish the next complete the next quest in the chain for Mari. This will unlock her as a character that you can build Lost Ark Rapport with. Once you get her to the level of Trusted, she will reward you with the Lost Ark Eternity Isle Token to add to your collection. 

That's all for our primer on getting the Lost Ark Eternity Isle Token, and now you should be able to find the island, locate the oasis, and get your reward from Mari. 

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