How To Get Lost Ark Hope Island Token

How To Get Lost Ark Hope Island Token
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9th Sep 2022 11:12

You may want to know how to get the Lost Ark Hope Island Token, as it's a surprisingly difficult collectible to get a hold of due to the process of actually getting to Hope Island. Lost Ark's end-game gives you a lot of freedom to sail around the seas of Arkesia, visiting various islands to complete quests, activities, and earn collectibles, with each one improving your power. So check out to find Lost Ark Hope Island, and how to grab the Island Token collectible. 

Lost Ark Hope Island Location

Lost Ark Hope Island Location 1
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Lost Ark Hope Island is located on the west side of the world, laying in the ocean between the continents of Vern and Rohendel. You can find it north-east of Lost Ark Phantom Wing Island, and west of one of the Lost Ark Ghost Ship locations. 

It's a permanent island, but you first need to travel to Goblin Island to the east and complete some criteria (which we'll cover in the next section) to unlock it. The island also requires an item level of 460, so you will need to do some end-game levelling to get your gear to the right level. 


How To Get Lost Ark Hope Island Token

How To Get Lost Ark Hope Island Token
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Before setting sail to Hope Island, head to Goblin Island to the east of Hope and speak to an NPC called Gobias XXIV. You will need to complete two quests here - A King Who is Not a King, and A New Sea and a New Land - which will unlock Hope Island, allowing you to travel there and begin quests. 

After completing Goblin Island, head over to Hope Island, and speak to the NPC Dadillo shortly after getting off the boat. They will begin a quest chain for you, which goes: Building Hope, Shadow in the Ruins, For Everyone's Sake, and In Memoriam. After completing the final quest of this chain, you will receive a tonne of rewards, including the Lost Ark Hope Island Token collectable. 

That's all for our primer on how to get the Lost Ark Hope Island Token, and now you should be able to enjoy a new collectable as part of your collection. 

You may also want to look at our breakdown of the Lost Ark Thronespire activity, where you can tonnes of rewards for working through floors full of enemies. 

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