Lost Ark Medeia Island: How To Get The Medeia Island Token

Lost Ark Medeia Island: How To Get The Medeia Island Token
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13th May 2022 09:28

Lost Ark Medeia Island is a competitive PvP island that allows players to fight one another in a quest to gain the Island Token. There are many Lost Ark islands that come with different quests and objectives that allow you to gain more power in the end-game portion. So if you need a walkthrough for getting the Lost Ark Medeia Island Token.

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Lost Ark Medeia Island: Where Is It Located?

Lost Ark Medeia Island location
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Medeia Island is an adventure island, meaning it spawns on a somewhat randomised schedule with a series of other islands, meaning it may not be available every day. You can check your Procyon's Compass in the top-right of the screen, just below the map to see when it is available. It requires players to be combat level 50 and equipped item level 250 to take part, meaning it can be done as an early part of the end-game content. 

The island can be found between the Shushire and North Vern continents. It's directly north-west of one of the Lost Ark Shangra locations, and north-east of the Lost Ark Monte Island.


Lost Ark Medeia Island Token

Lost Ark Medeia Island token
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Once Medeia Island appears and the first person enters, it will take three minute before the competitive quest begins. Players are put onto two separate teams with the goal to be the first to reach 1300 points. The main objective is to pick up a mirror that spawns in three locations on the island, and use its ability on one of the three pillars. This will net the most points, with kills and assists contributing a bit less to the overall score. The best strategy is to protect the mirror carrier and let them hit the pillars. 

Once the score has been reached by one team the game will end, with first-place members receiving 2000 silver, and second place participants gaining 1000. Players on both teams also earn the Medeia's Gift, which has a chance of dropping the Medeia Island Token. You may have to complete the island a few times to get this due to the RNG factor. 

That's all for our walkthrough of how to get the Lost Ark Medeia Island Token, and now you know where to find the island and complete its quest.  

Look out for some of the best end-game loot by raiding the Lost Ark Ghost Ships, which are tough challenges that reap high-quality rewards. 


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