Lost Ark Shangra: How To Find The Limited-Time Island

Lost Ark Shangra: How To Find The Limited-Time Island
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10th May 2022 14:59

Lost Ark Shangra is one of the harder islands to find in the game because it can appear in three different locations on a randomised schedule. There are many different islands to track down in Lost Ark, but some of them aren't always around to be explored. So if you need to track down Lost Ark Shangra to find its Island Token, we've got you covered.

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Lost Ark Shangra: Where To Find The Island

Lost Ark Shangra location 1
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Lost Ark Shangra location 2
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Lost Ark Shangra location 3
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The Lost Ark Shangra island can appear in a total of three places across the ocean, and as a limited-time event, it doesn't stay there for very long before it sinks back into the sea and the respawn timer restarts. It's seen as an island of gods in the lore, and there are plenty of hidden locations to explore if you manage to arrive there. 

Obviously, you will need access to the Lost Ark ships to be able to find this location, and it's recommended you get to combat level 50 and equipped item level 250 before exploring most of the ocean. Once you can seek out Shangra, luckily there are some signifiers that it's set to appear that you can keep a look-out for. In the alarms menu - which can be accessed by clicking the blue clock symbol on the top left of the screen - you can see a timer for when the island is set to appear, and a whirlpool will show up in the spawn location ten minutes before it appears. 


We've displayed the three possible spawn locations of Shangra in the pictures above, which are south-east of North Vern, north of Annika in the Sea of Death, and north-west of North Vern. 

Lost Ark Shangra: How To Get The Island Token

Lost Ark Shangra tree
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The Shangra Island Token can be gained by farming 5,600 of an item called Firm Peach, which you can use with a trader on the island to buy Thousand-year-old Tree Bud. This bud can be taken to a specific tree on the east side of the island, in the Golden Peach Orchard, where you go to obtain the Island Token. 

These Firm Peaches can be earned from completing the island's chain quest called The Garden Path, cooperative quests, and farming Peach Blossoms across the island which drop two each time. Farming the Peach Blossoms is the easiest method, as there is a limit to the number of Firm Peaches that drop from the quests that are repeatable. 

That's our breakdown of the Lost Ark Shangra island, including how to locate its potential locations on the map, and earn the Island Token from collecting Firm Peaches.

Another tricky island quest is on the Lost Ark Shadow Island, which we have a walkthrough for.


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