Lost Ark Glaivier Build: Best Skills And Engravings For PvP/PvE

Lost Ark Glaivier Build: Best Skills And Engravings For PvP/PvE
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6th Oct 2022 12:22

Our Lost Ark Glaivier builds will allow you to master this high-DPS class and its various abilities in both PvE and PvP content. There are many Lost Ark classes that players can specialise to play their own way, and with this recent class there are more ways to do so. So check out our breakdown of the best Lost Ark Glaivier builds below. 

Lost Ark Glaivier Build: What Is A Glaivier?

Lost ark glaivier build
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Glaiviers are a female melee combat class who is part of the Martial Artists archetype, and makes use of two main stances to put out their abilities and damage. This is split between the Flurry Stance where they use a Glaive, and the Focus Stance where they use a spear. While using abilities, their Identity gauge will fill and give them buffs when switching modes, which is the key to the classes power and utility. Essentially, you will want to use all your abilities frequently and then switch stances to make the most of the extra effects awarded to you. 

They don't have the most DPS compared to other classes that focus on dealing damage, but they make up for it with excellent crowd control, the buffs from their stances, and the high mobility which allows them to stay alive longer. 

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Lost Ark Glaivier Build: Best PvE Skills

Lost Ark Glaivier Build
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Glaiviers will need to make use of their AoE attacks for fighting the AI-controlled enemies. The following moves combined with your Identity buffs will deal out tonnes of damage, and your mobility will let you avoid any close-encounters.

We've listed the abilities we suggest trying along with the Tripods that alter them for the better. 

  • Raging Dragon Slash - Quick Prep - Quick Slash - Awaken
  • Shackling Blue Dragon - Quick Prep - Blitz - Critical Spear
  • Chain Slash - Swoop - Final Decision - Brilliant Spear
  • Half Moon Slash - Flurry Expertise - Final Decision - Blade of Tornado
  • Wheel of Blades - Magick Control - Weak Point Detection - Consecutive Spin
  • Red Dragon's Horn - Quick Prep - Spear of Destruction - Weak Point Deduction
  • Starfall Pounce - Weak Point Detection - Quick Prep - Powerful Finish
  • Dragonscale Defence
  • 4-Headed Dragon
  • Flash Kick - Excellent Mobility
  • Vault - Excellent Mobility 


Lost Ark Glaivier Build: Best PvP Skills

Lost ark glaivier build
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PvP combat is mostly the same for the Glaivier, but you should make use of more mobility moves and your counter skills.

  • Vault - Excellent Mobility - Strong Upper Kick - Scoop
  • Flash Kick - Excellent Mobility - Stun Effect - Corkscrew
  • Starfall Pounce - Weak Point Detection - Quick Prep - Powerful Finish
  • Red Dragon's Horn - Quick Prep - Spear of Destruction - Weak Point Detection
  • Raging Dragon Slash - Quick Prep - Quick Slash - Awaken
  • Cutting Wind - Sturdy Armour - Company of War - Weak Point Detection
  • Wheel of Blades - Magick Control - Weak Point Detection - Consecutive Spin
  • Dragonscale Defence - Steady Belief - Vital Point Attack - Enhanced Technique
  • 4-Headed Dragon
  • Shackling Blue Dragon

Lost Ark Glaivier Build: Awakening Skills

Lost ark glaivier build
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Awakening Skills are end-game skills that you can unlock later into the experience, upon finishing the main quest in the Trixion region. These skills are like ultimate abilities seen in MOBAs and hero shooters, with high cooldowns but powerful effects unrivalled by normal skills. The Glaivier has access to of them upon unlocking the feature, but only one can be equipped at once.

  • Yeon-Style Spear Technique: Spear Mentor - Leap backward while facing forward and throw your spear at a target location that causes damage and then does an AoE explosion. 
  • Yeon-Style Spear Technique: Storming Red Dragon - Thrust your spear in front of you and then pull it back, pulling in enemies, before swinging it five times, thrusting it eight times, and dashing while doing a final blow. 

Spear Mentor has better range to make use of but has a wind-up before dealing damage, making it suitable for PvE situations. Storming Red Dragon lets you deal instant damage, but it takes a while to finish the whole move, although it can be cancelled out of during any moment. This makes it better in PvP where you need to be more reactive to your enemies. 

Lost Ark Glaivier Build: Engraving

Lost ark glaivier build
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Engravings are another form of end-game content which lets you specialise your classes even more by changing skill functions, boosting stats, and even redefining how the class plays outright. You'll earn some minor ones during the story, but the powerful ones don't come into play until much later. 

Here are some of the Engravings that are useful for the Glaivier class:

  • Keen Blunt Weapon - This will increase the critical hit damage, but sometimes your basic attacks will 20% less damage. 
  • Raid Captain - All your damage is increased by a percentage of your total move speed. 
  • Grudge - Lets you deal more damage while also taking more damage, but your high mobility should mostly counter this. 
  • Cursed Doll - Gives you a big attack power boost but also reduces your healing. Only useful for the more experienced players. 

There are also two Engravings specific to the Glaivier, which are:

  • Pinnacle - Replaced the third stage of the Identity gauge and lets you continue to gain powerful effects when using skills and swapping stances.
  • Control - Removes the Focus stance, but increases all the Flurry skill damage.

Pinnacle is your best bet here to continue taking advantage of the classes' gimmick of switching stances.

That's all for our Lost Ark Glaivier build, and now you know which skills are useful for both PvE and PvP content, along with the best Awakening Skills and Engravings to use. 

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