Will Lies of P have a New Game Plus?

Will Lies of P have a New Game Plus?
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Amy Eastland


15th Sep 2023 15:00

For the players that enjoy a challenge, will Lies of P have a New Game Plus? Lies of P is here, and there will be many players interested in whether the game features New Game Plus - a staple of the Souls-like subgenre.

Will Lies of P have a New Game Plus?

Lies of P boss fight
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Whilst it is not directly called a New Game Plus, Lies of P does offer the chance to dive straight back in once you've finished it. The game has multiple endings so you will have the option to do a replay if you want to so that you can get the different endings. 

What makes this similar to the New Game Plus feature in Dark Souls and other FromSoft titles is that players will be able to carry over their level, weapons, armour and progress using the P-Organ system. Similarly, there will be changes to the difficulty of bosses and enemies, and they will have more health and offer more Ergo when you kill them.

This will allow players to have multiple playthroughs and have more than one New Game Plus once you have completed your first New Game Plus.

That’s everything you need to know about whether Lies of P will have a New Game Plus if you’re looking for that extra challenge to conquer.

What is New Game Plus?

Lies of P combat screenshot
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New Game Plus is, in the most basic of terms, the option to replay a game you've beaten but with new changes - either through obvious updates, new secrets to uncover, or just being able to carry your previous character into it.

While not a new idea by any stretch, New Game Plus has grown in popularity thanks to games like Dark Souls from FromSoft. With such a focus on challenging gameplay, players began to grind New Game Plus for incrementally larger challenges and the chance to boast about clearing New Game Plus 3, Plus 4, and beyond.

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