How To Get Venomous Tentacular In Hogwarts Legacy

How To Get Venomous Tentacular In Hogwarts Legacy
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The Venomous Tentacular plant in Hogwarts Legacy is a combat tool that can be released alongside spells to deal damage against foes. The plants spit out venom to enemies in Hogwarts Legacy dealing additional damage in fights. To learn how you can grow your own Venomous Tentacular in Hogwarts Legacy and use it, read here.

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Disclaimer: While the creator of the Harry Potter franchise was not directly involved in the creation of Hogwarts Legacy, their comments on social media around transgender people are hurtful and dangerous given the size of their platform. 

We’d implore you to read our explainer of the controversy so far, and consider supporting trans rights charities where possible.

Where To Get Venomous Tentacular In Hogwarts Legacy

Venomous Tentacular In Hogwarts Legacy Greenhouses
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Free Venomous Tentacular plants are abundant in the Greenhouses of Hogwarts, which you can pick from. Travel to the Greenhouses Floo Waypoint (via the Library Annex).

From the Floo Waypoint, walk to the greenhouse on the right side. Go through the right door in the entrance, this will lead to a greenhouse full of grown Venomous Tentacular plants which you are free to pick from. These will grow back so remember to check back periodically.

Hogwarts Legacy: Where To Get Venomous Tentacular Seeds
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You can also buy Venomous Tentacular plants from vendors around the Hogwarts hamlets. The easiest to access is Dogweed and Deathcap, situated on the outskirts of Hogsmeade. Here, you can buy single Venomous Tentacular plants or Venomous Tentacular seeds, of which you can grow your own.

How To Grow Venomous Tentacular In Hogwarts Legacy

How To Grow Venomous Tentacular In Hogwarts Legacy
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If you have unlocked the Room of Requirement, you can grow your own Venomous Tentacular (unlocking the room requires the completion of the main quest 'Jackdaw's Rest').

You cannot use the free Herbology pot in the greenhouse classroom as the plant requires a larger pot to grow in.

You can buy the recipe for a large Herbology Planter from Tomes and Scrolls in Hogsmeade. Once you have the recipe you can then summon a large Herbology planter in the Room of Requirement and grow a Venomous Tentacular.

How To Use Venomous Tentacular In Hogwarts Legacy

How To Use Venomous Tentacular In Hogwarts Legacy
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You can equip a Venomous Tentacular onto the potions wheel which will allow you to release them during combat (to release them once equipped press R1 if on PS5). To equip it to the wheel, simply hold R1, move the analogue stick to the Venomous Tentacular icon, and release.

Once you have levelled up and have acquired Talent Points, you can spend these to upgrade certain potion and plant effects.

The Venomous Tentacular has the 'Noxious' perk which becomes available at level 22. This perk increases the acid damage of a Venomous Tentacular and gives them the ability to break shields.

To equip this perk, go to the 'Talents' menu from the main menu. Then select 'Room of Requirement' the 'Noxious' perk will be under the level 22 cap.

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