How to complete Rescuing Rococo in Hogwarts Legacy

How to complete Rescuing Rococo in Hogwarts Legacy
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8th Mar 2023 17:14

Hogwarts Legacy is full of secrets and surprises, many of which reside off the beaten path. With dozens upon dozens of side quests and other activities to distract you from the main story at a moment’s notice, you can easily be overwhelmed by everything on offer.

One of the more intricate missions is called Rescuing Rococo, and tasks you to track down a woman’s missing Niffler in a nearby dungeon. While getting there isn’t an issue, finding Rococo within the dungeon itself can be somewhat confusing if you don’t know where to go.

If you’re struggling to rescue Rococo in Hogwarts Legacy, or perhaps are finding yourself stuck in a room, here’s how to solve it.

How to complete Rescuing Rococo in Hogwarts Legacy

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After accepting the quest Rescuing Rococo in Hogwarts Legacy, your next port of call will be to visit Henrietta’s Hideaway. This is a fairly complex dungeon and the home to several side quests in the game.

One reason it remains so elaborate is due to the many traps and puzzles that await you when you enter. Initially, you may find yourself stuck in a room, which is where your first puzzle will begin.

To advance, cast Incendio on the statue to your left to reveal a cube. Use Windgardium Levioso to move this to the nearby switch on the floor and cast Incendio on it. To the left, another cube will be on a switch, which you need to use Glacius on. After doing both of these objectives, the door will open.

In the next room, defeat all the enemies and go up the stairs on the opposite side you entered. Follow the path around to the right, carefully walking forward. Use Revelio to spot some mysterious slabs on the floor. Cast Arresto Momentum on these, as if you don’t, you will be sucked into the wall and placed a few steps back in this Hogwarts Legacy dungeon.

After getting past this trap, defeat the enemies in the next room. You may have noticed two more switches on the floor that need cubes to be activated again. The first cube resides on the balcony to the left. Move it using Wingardium Leviosa and then cast Leviosa once it has been placed on the switch.

For the second, you may find yourself stuck in the room. Sneakily, this one is hidden behind a wall on the ground floor to the right side of the room. Simply walk against the wall until one opens up. Inside here, you will find the second cube. Take it back to the other switch and use Incendio on it to activate it.

By doing this, you will no longer be stuck in the room and a secret passage will open. Follow it and you will find Rococo, who you can rescue. Get out your Nab-Sack and rescue Rococo to complete this part of the quest. All you need to do now is exit the dungeon and return to the quest giver to tick this off your Hogwarts Legacy list.

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