How to enable Arachnophobia mode in Hogwarts Legacy

How to enable Arachnophobia mode in Hogwarts Legacy
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15th Nov 2023 10:21

If you've read (or seen) Harry Potter, you'll know that giant spiders are a pretty big part of this world - just as they are in Hogwarts Legacy, so might want to enable Arachnophobia mode to make them less intimidating in the process. 

Below, we'll highlight how to turn the mode on in the game, as well as what changes it makes to the moment-to-moment gameplay. 

How to turn on Arachnophobia mode

The spider-friendly mode can be enabled by visiting the Accessibility menu in Hogwarts Legacy and toggling the “Arachnophobia Mode” option. 

Arachnophobia settings in Hogwarts Legacy
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It's also worth noting that you won't need to reload the game after enabling the Arachnophobia mode, as the changes take effect immediately.

Since many game fans experience a profound fear of spiders, incorporating the arachnophobia-safe mode is a wise decision - but what exactly does it change during gameplay?

What does Arachnophobia mode do in Hogwarts Legacy?

Once you've enabled the mode, you'll notice the following changes during gameplay:

  • Enemy spider appearances are changed
  • Reduces and removes spider skitters and screeches
  • Removes small spider ground effect spawners
  • Makes static spider corpses in the world invisible
    • Collision is still active to prevent players from getting stuck when
      toggling this setting

Once the feature is enabled in-game, arachnids will appear as the following:

Screenshot showing Arachnophobia mode turned on
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It's worth noting, however, that spider images in the Field Guide remain unchanged - so be sure to keep this in mind when navigating through it.

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