Where to find Diricawl location in Hogwarts Legacy

Where to find Diricawl location in Hogwarts Legacy
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Diricawls in Hogwarts Legacy are Dodo birds capable of vanishing and teleporting to other locations when in danger. This makes them one of the trickiest beasts to capture in Hogwarts Legacy, which you'll need to do to complete Professor Howlin's assignment and learn the Bombarda spell. Let's get into this Diricawl location Hogwarts Legacy guide on both where to find Diricawls and how to capture them.

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Hogwarts Legacy: Diricawl Location

diricawl location hogwarts legacy where to find
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Diricawl can be found in the Poidsear Coast, Marunweem Lake, and Clagmar Coast. If you have yet to unlock those areas of the map, however, there is a Diricawl habitat south of Hogwarts, in the Hogwarts Valley.

The exact Diricawl location can be found using the image above. The habitat within the Hogwarts Valley is northeast of Feldcroft, on a cliffside overlooking some ruins. Be careful as Inferni are likely to spawn nearby.

How To Capture Diricawl In Hogwarts Legacy

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As Diricawl can vanish from thin air, they can be a tricky beast to capture. As such, we recommend using either Arresto Momentum or Leviosa to lock the Dircawl in place. Once they are floating or immobilised, you can summon your Nab-sack and complete the QTE to capture the beast.

You may need to repeat the spell twice to get a successful capture. Once you have the Diricawl, you can then return to the Room of Requirement and release it into your Vivarium. Or go to the inventory menu and choose to return it to the habitat.

Whichever you choose, capturing the Diricawl will also complete part of the quest, 'Professor Howin's Assignment'. After also acquiring a Giant Purple Toad and attending Beasts Class, you'll be ready to learn Bombarda, one of the highest damage-dealing spells in the game.

How To Breed Diricawl In Hogwarts Legacy

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To unlock the ability to breed animals, you need to first complete the 'Foal of the Dead' quest given by Deek to unlock the Breeding Pen. You get this quest after completing the second Keeper Trial in the main story and triggering the winter season at Hogwarts.

Once you have completed the quest, go to the spellcraft menu by using the Conjuring Spell in the Vivarium. Go to 'Beast Items' and select the Breeding Pen.

Choose a location to put the pen, then interact with it. This will bring up the breeding menu where you can select a Diricawl if you have a female and male in the Vivarium,

A Diricawl egg takes 30 minutes to hatch in real time. A baby Diricawl will also produce Diricawl feathers when properly cared for.

That's all you need to know thanks to our Diricawl location Hogwarts Legacy guide on where to find the creature, along with breeding them. For more on Hogwarts Legacy, check out what's new in the 8 March patch notes or how to complete the Rescuing Rococo quest

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