How To Get The Key of Admittance in Hogwarts Legacy

How To Get The Key of Admittance in Hogwarts Legacy
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The Key of Admittance in Hogwarts Legacy is needed to access a locked room at the top of the Grand Staircase. The key is only available once you have progressed far enough into the main Hogwarts Legacy questline and have accessed the Headteacher's Office. Read here for the key's location and where to use it.

Where To Get The Key of Admittance in Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy, Trophy Room Hallway
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The key of Admittance is located in the room above the Headteacher's Office (at the top of the grand staircase, accessible via the Trophy Room landing). Although there isn't a Floo fast-travel point there, once you have unlocked the room via the main quest it is possible to return to the room if you forgot to pick up the key during your first visit there.

To unlock the Headteacher's Office you must follow Niamh Fitzgerald's trial, the third Keeper trial to complete in the main questline. You will also need to have completed 'The Man Behind The Moons' quest and unlocked Alohomora level three to access the room above the office.

To get to the location, walk past the trophy room and through the iron gates at the end of the landing. Now, travel up the stairs and through the winding hallway. Go up the spiral stairs past the faculty bedrooms. Now, go through the door at the top of the stairs which leads into a corridor with multiple winged statues. Either right for the locked admittance room or left for the Headmaster's Office.

Hogwarts Legacy Key of Admittance Location
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Once you're in the headmaster's office, go through the door on the left (right of the dragon globe) which will lead out onto a balcony. Climb the balcony stairs around the tower. At the top will be a doorway leading into a private office. The Key of Admittance is on the desk here.

Where To Use The Key of Admittance in Hogwarts Legacy

Where To Use The Key of Admittance in Hogwarts Legacy
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Travel back to the hallway with winged statues (above the faculty bedrooms and trophy room), the locked door at the end of the hallway can now be opened with The Key of Admittance.

You'll get a reward in the Challenges menu for solving a Hogwarts secret. Inside the door is a large treasure chest and a set of stairs. Up the stairs are two more chests and an easter egg regarding the history of Hogwarts.

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