The Top 10 Best Hogwarts Legacy Mods

The Top 10 Best Hogwarts Legacy Mods
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22nd Feb 2023 14:28

Whilst Hogwarts Legacy has launched with much success, there are a few quality-of-life issues that players have decided to fix themselves.

Whether it's transforming your broom into Shrek or finally putting an end to the constantly repeating Floo waypoint dialogue, with mods, it's possible to change your Hogwarts Legacy game for the better. Join us as we list our top ten Hogwarts Legacy mods for PC.

The Top Ten Best Hogwarts Legacy Mods

Unfortunately, only PC players have access to mods so far. This is through the Nexus Mods site but is unsupported by Hogwarts Legacy. This means you can download mods but must do so at your own risk as these may affect your save game.

The following Mods are our favourites so far.

Ascendio Hotfix

Hogwarts Legacy Ascendio Mod
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Perhaps less glamorous or exciting than other entries in our list, this mod applies a hotfix to PC versions of the game. The mod is currently the most downloaded of all Hogwarts Legacy mods via Nexus and promises to boost performance across PC games.

In response to the multitude of complaints from PC players, the mod by Seifunaru helps fix some of the framerate and stuttering issues. Essentially it is the largest quality-of-life improvement mod on Nexus currently.


Hogwarts Legacy Silencio Mod
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Finally, is now possible to silence the Floo waypoints in the game. Ignatia Wildsmith, although a talented witch is the most persistent chatterbox in the game. Whenever you fast-travel via Floo powder in the game she will recite one of three pre-recorded lines at you. This gets tiresome rather quickly if you're handing in multiple quests at once. With this mod by Tangerie, you can cut the dialogue lines from your game.

Talent Reset Potion

Hogwarts Legacy Talent Reset Mod
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This mod by SilentSean essentially enables players to reset Talent points and spend them elsewhere. With so many Talent perks available, you may wish to try them all during your playthrough. You can do so with this mod.

To get the potion, you must buy the recipe for it from J Pippins at Hogsmeade. Once you have the recipe you can brew the potion at a potion station in the Room of Requirement or in Potions class.

Alohomora Auto Skip

Hogwarts Legacy Alohomora Mod
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As the name would suggest, this mod by VTLI will auto-skip the Alohomora mini-game when opening locks.

Before now, this option was available in the main game but only on the easiest difficulty. This mod will work across all difficulties meaning you won't need to constantly change the difficulty settings of your game.

This mod is designed to save you time if you're exploring areas with multiple doors and chests to open.


Hogwarts Legacy Arachnophobia Mod
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Although niche, this mod is aimed at people who suffer from Arachnophobia and wish to play the game but can't stand the sight of spiders.

The mod by NorskPL keeps the mechanics of spiders but turns them into harmless-looking boxes.

Vivarium Upgrado

Hogwarts Legacy Vivarium Mod
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Wish to save all the beasts in Hogwarts Legacy but are restricted by the Vivarium limit? This mod by BorisJohnsonLies expands the Vivarium capacity drastically. They advertise that the mod enables the Vivariums to house up to 396 beasts.

If that isn’t reason enough to download the mod and live out your Zoo Tycoon dreams, the mod enables the ability to capture all beasts and animals in the game. This includes all non-magical animals featured in the game like squirrels, cats, fish, deer, and cows.

The mod enables you to breed non-magical animals and unlocks all conjurable spellcrafts with the option to change their colour.

The number of species per Vivarium has also increased from 4 to 29.

Mouse Controls For Broom Control

Hogwarts Legacy Broom Mod
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This mod by R457 sets out to give the broom function an overhaul. With it, you should be able to control your broom with your mouse (including the ascend and descend mechanics).

It also comes with an inverted option if you prefer inverted controls on games.

Hagrid Paintings

Hogwarts Legacy Hagrid Mod
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One of the most persistent appearances in pop culture is the PS1 Hagrid meme. With the rise of Hogwarts Legacy reviving the meme once again, fans may be left feeling disappointed with the lack of Hagrid in their games.

This mod by RYAN adds the PS1 gem to Hogwarts Legacy and renders Hagrid in the various paintings within Hogwarts. As you explore the castle, you'll be able to spot the low-res gamekeeper in every portrait and hear his iconic lines from the game.

HogWarp Multiplayer Mod

A team of modders called The Together Team have released early access to a Hogwarts Legacy multiplayer mod.

So far, the mod is only available to their Patreon members here. But the mod promises to later become free to everyone after it has been completed. The team have released several YouTube videos showcasing the mod and the team playing the game together.

The mod is still in early access and has far to go but looks to be a promising solution for players who wish to play Hogwarts Legacy in multiplayer.

Shrek Broom

Hogwarts Legacy Shrek mod
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Shrek once again proves to be the father of all pop culture memes and refuses to stay within the 2000s. It wouldn’t be a complete mod list without an appearance from the Scottish ogre himself.

With this mod by NorskPL you can look fabulous soaring through the skies on the back of Shrek, replacing the original broomstick skin.

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