Dead by Daylight NOED: No One Escapes Death Explained

Dead by Daylight NOED: No One Escapes Death Explained
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Dave McAdam


5th Sep 2022 18:27

Dead by Daylight NOED is one of the most popular Killer perks in the game. Dead by Daylight is a much more complicated game than new players might realise, there are innumerable ways to equip yourself with perks, items and add-ons. NOED is a Killer perk, meaning it is something that can be equipped on a Killer to give them certain extra abilities. Here is everything you need to know to understand Dead by Daylight NOED, No One Escapes Death.

Dead by Daylight NOED: What Does It Do

The details of the NOED perk
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A couple of things to note about No One Escapes Death, are that it is a general perk, and also a Hex perk. Those things mean that it is available to all Killers in the Bloodweb, and also that it requires a Hex Totem to function. NOED is not active from the start of the match, it only becomes active when all five generators are repaired and the exit gates are repaired. At which point, providing there is an unused Totem on the map, the Hex will bind to an available Totem and the perk will activate.


The effect of the perk is quite simple. First, the Killer's movement speed is increased by up to 4%. At this late stage of the game, this small increase in speed can make a huge difference when chasing down the last few Survivors.

What's more, the perk also afflicts all Survivors with the Exposed status effect. Exposed means that, regardless of their health, a single hit will knock down a Survivor. So while NOED is active, the Killer is faster and Survivors go down in one hit.

Dead by Daylight NOED: How To Use It

A Killer chasing down a Survivor
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No One Escapes Death is a useful perk for almost any Killer. Essentially it is a catch-up perk, giving Killers an advantage should the Survivors complete all five generators. It is especially useful for new players, or when playing a new Killer you are not yet familiar with. For more experienced players, NOED is useful but not ideal, as unless you are essentially losing the match, it does nothing. It makes a great safety net for beginner and intermediate players.

Something to be aware of when using NOED is that it requires a Dull Totem. That is a Totem that has not been afflicted with a Hex, cleansed by a Survivor, or blessed with a Boon. Essentially, you need a blank Totem at the point where the exit doors are powered, at which point NOED will Hex a Dull Totem and the perk will take effect. The Hexed Totem will have its Aura revealed to any Survivor within 4 metres to encourage them to find it and deactivate it. The area in which the Aura is revealed will expand to 24 meters gradually over thirty seconds.

That is it for Dead by Daylight NOED, for more on the game check out our Dead by Daylight Overcome guide.

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