Dead by Daylight Dungeons & Dragons Chapter & all we know so far

Dead by Daylight Dungeons & Dragons Chapter & all we know so far
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14th May 2024 17:40


  • Dungeons & Dragons is coming to Dead by Daylight Chapter, with Vecna as the Killer, Aestri Yazar as the Survivor and The Forgotten Ruins map
  • The Dungeons & Dragons Chapter releases in DbD on June 3rd 2024

With Dungeons & Dragons firmly making its way into Dead by Daylight, it’s time to dissect the Chapter and see what horrors are on their way into the game – including the new Killer, Survivor and map.

Whether you’re a top-tier Killer or a canny Survivor using some of the best Perks, Dungeons & Dragons entering The Fog is sure to create new realms of possibilities

Vecna enters The Fog as DbD’s Dungeons & Dragons Killer

Vecna from Dungeons & Dragons in Dead by Daylight
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Vecna is finally in Dead by Daylight as a Killer alongside The Demogorgon. Sure, it’s not the other Vecna, but this version is the original and a fearsome force to be reckoned with as he wields plenty of dark magic. Referred to as The Lich in-game, Vecna has an entire arsenal of abilities that he can use to hunt down Survivors and control the map - oh, and he's voiced by Matt Mercer!

Using his Book of Vile Darkness, Vecna can cast four spells:

  • Fly: Allows Vecna to fly at speed for a short time and pass through objects
  • Flight of the Damned: Conjures some spectral skeletons that will damage Survivors
  • Mage Hand: Creates a phantasmic hand that completes tasks such as holding and blocking the use of pallets
  • Dispelling Sphere: Creates an area of effect that reveals Survivors and dispels their magical objects

As you can see from the Dispelling Sphere, Survivors can fight back against Vecna by using magical objects. However, some of these will rely on some good old-fashioned D&D RNG as you’ll need to get some successful critical rolls.

Like every Killer, Vecna comes with three unique Perks:

  • Dark Arrogance - You can be blinded and stunned for longer but you can vault faster
  • Languid Touch - When a Survivor scares a crow near you, they briefly become Exhausted
  • Weave Attunement - When a Survivor's item is depleted, they drop it. When another Survivor passes by it, it reveals their aura and, if they pick it up, they become Oblivious. 

New Survivor Aestri Yazar is a Bard to be reckoned with

Aestri Yazar, the Dungeons & Dragons Survivor in Dead by Daylight
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If ever there was going to be a D&D Survivor in DbD, it had to be a Bard, and Aestri Yazar is representing the Bards in the Realm of the Entity. Embarking on their final adventure, players will be able to choose between Aestri, an Elf, or Baermar Uraz, a Human to form a merry Troupe.

Whoever you choose to play, our Bardic Survivor has three unique Perks:

  • Bardic Inspiration – Roll a d20 and allies will get a Skill Check debuff depending on the roll
  • Mirrored Illusion – Creates a static copy of a Survivor standing by a Chest, Totem, Exit Gate or Generator for a limited time
  • Still Sight – Lets you see the auras of close by Totems, Generators and Chests when standing still

The Forgotten Ruins map puts the Dungeon in D&D

The Forgotten Ruins is the latest map that has been drawn into DbD and it is set in the Decimated Borgo Realm alongside The Knight’s Shattered Square map. With two layers, this map puts the dungeon in Dungeons & Dragons, as players will experience plenty of easter eggs alluding to the wider D&D experience.

The Forgotten Ruins map in Dead by Daylight
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With a gorgeous celestial star room and a terrifying iron maiden, there’s plenty to explore here. Just… watch out for the chests. Who knows if they’re ready to bite back?

When is the Dungeons & Dragons DbD Chapter released?

Dungeons & Dragons will make its way into DbD on June 3rd 2024. PC players will be able to try out all the new content early on the Player Test Build (PTB) before the Chapter’s full release.

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That’s everything you need to get you up to speed with the Dungeons & Dragons Chapter in DbD. With this new dark fantasy joining The Fog, let’s hope you get some good critical roles. If you’re on the lookout for even more guides and news coverage, head over to our Dead by Daylight homepage where you can find the latest DbD codes, and weekly updates to the Shrine of Secrets and Free Gifts in the store.

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