Dead By Daylight Resident Evil Crossover: Everything We Know About Project W

Dead By Daylight Resident Evil Crossover: Everything We Know About Project W
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4th Aug 2022 16:49

Dead by Daylight Resident Evil crossover is happening again, with a second chapter of RE characters on the way. Dead by Daylight is famous for crossovers, bringing some of the most famous and feared horror icons into the game. One of the most popular additions was the previous Resident Evil chapter, so much so that we are getting a second helping. Here is everything we know about Dead by Daylight Resident Evil Project W.

Dead by Daylight Resident Evil: New Killer

A close-up of Albert Wesker
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As the working title of Project W suggests, the new Killer coming with this new Resident Evil chapter is Albert Wesker himself. Wesker is perhaps the most iconic villain of the series, making his first appearance in the first game and continuing to be a looming threat right up until Chris Redfield threw him into a volcano in Resident Evil 5. Now, Wesker is coming to Dead by Daylight to use his unique combination of speed, strength, and intelligence to make life very difficult for the Survivors.

What we know so far of his gameplay is that Wesker can dash extremely quickly, and using this dash he can grab Survivors. With a Survivor caught, Wesker can tackle them, throw them, try to injure them, or pick them up instantly. It seems that these options will depend on the situation but it sounds incredibly powerful regardless.

Much like Nemesis, there is an infection mechanic in Wesker's abilities. Any Survivor caught in his dash is infected with the Uroboros Virus. Instead of making Survivors susceptible to damage, like the T-Virus does, this infection reduces Survivors' movement speed. They must find healing sprays in supply boxes to heal themselves of this infection.

We do not yet know what Wesker's unique perks are, but the developers described them as making Wesker feel like a superhuman and a schemer.

  • Things are changing all the time in DBD, to get up to speed check out our explainer for the new progression system added in Dead by Daylight patch 6.1.0.

Dead by Daylight Resident Evil: New Survivors

Ada Wong hiding from Wesker
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We are getting two new Survivors with this chapter, and they are Ada Wong and Rebecca Chambers. Ada is a spy who made her debut in Resident Evil 2, and through sheer popularity has gone on to appear in many more entries. Rebecca made her first appearance in the original Resident Evil as Alpha team's young but brilliant medic. She would then be one of the main characters of the prequel game, Resident Evil 0.


We do not yet know much about the perks that these characters will bring to the game, but we have heard a bit about them. For Ada, her perks are meant to make you feel like an elite spy. She has perks that make her very adaptable, and apparently, they will make you feel like a highly-trained double agent. Whether that means you can sell out other Survivors for your own benefit, we are yet to find out.

Rebecca, as is fitting for the team's medic, has perks that support the team. She is likely to bring some new healing perks to the game, as well as perks that highlight her intelligence and quick thinking.

Dead by Daylight Resident Evil: Map Changes

Rebecca Chambers carrying Meg into RPD
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The original Resident Evil chapter is one of the most lauded additions to the game, but it did have one blemish. As fun as it is to explore Racoon City Police Department within Dead by Daylight, to call the map controversial is an understatement. RPD has come to be considered the worst map in the game by many. While it is extremely faithful to the source, for the sake of gameplay, that is more of a hindrance than a help. RPD is a huge maze of corridors on multiple levels, making it incredibly difficult to navigate.

To combat this, Behaviour has decided to take action. While the RPD will remain true to the original design, the developers have made some significant alterations to how the map plays. First and foremost, it will soon become two maps, as RPD East Wing and RPD West Wing. Both maps will include the main hall, but the other half of the building will be closed off. Now with two smaller maps, they will each be expanded to include more of the exterior of the building.

One of the biggest flaws of RPD has been the number of dead ends and lack of navigation. These two new versions will have many more entrances and exits, along with more space in rooms and hallways. Overall, these changes are intended to make both RPD maps more playable and less frustrating.

That is everything we know so far about the Dead by Daylight Resident Evil Project W chapter. As more information is released, we will be back to update you. For more on the game, why not check our up-to-date list of Dead by Daylight codes.

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