How to redeem all the Dead by Daylight 'Amazon Prime Gaming' rewards

How to redeem all the Dead by Daylight 'Amazon Prime Gaming' rewards
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Jack Roberts


29th Sep 2023 16:18

You may be wondering what the Dead by Daylight Amazon Prime Gaming rewards are this month and how to redeem them, so we’re here to show you everything you need to know.

Amazon Prime gives away a selection of free games every month, in addition to add-ons and free rewards for your favourite games that you’re already playing. This includes a selection of rewards for Dead by Daylight.

Here, we’re going to break down all the rewards Amazon Prime Gaming is offering to Dead by Daylight players and show you how you can redeem them in the game – so read on.

How to redeem Amazon Prime Gaming Dead by Daylight rewards

While claiming your Amazon Prime Gaming rewards for Dead by Daylight may seem a little tricky at first, it is actually quite simple. As long as you’re a Prime member, you just need to follow these steps:

  • Head to Dead by Daylight’s Amazon Prime Gaming page
  • Find the reward you’re looking for and select “Claim
  • After claiming, you will be given a code
  • Launch Dead by Daylight on your chosen platform
  • Head to the in-game store and select “Redeem Code
  • Enter your code and claim your rewards

And that’s it. Once you’ve claimed your rewards, they’re yours to keep, and then you’ve got a whole month to look forward to the next one.

All Amazon Prime Gaming Dead by Daylight rewards

In Dead by Daylight this month, players will be able to get their hands on 400,000 Bloodpoints to spend in-game, completely free.

Bloodpoints are one of the major currencies in Dead by Daylight that can be used to upgrade your Survivors and Killers, getting their add-ons and improving their perks. So, a significant amount of Bloodpoints is always welcome for new players and veterans alike.

While you can get Bloodpoints naturally from completing objectives and matches in Dead by Daylight, some codes to get even more can never hurt.

However, you will have to redeem them fast, because come the next month, the rewards will rotate, and this month’s Bloodpoints will be gone.

That’s everything you need to start redeeming this month’s Amazon Prime Gaming rewards in Dead by Daylight. With this offer, you’ll be swimming in Bloodpoints and have the strongest Killers and Survivors in the game.

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