Dead By Daylight Overcome: How To Get And Use

Dead By Daylight Overcome: How To Get And Use
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28th Jul 2022 17:34

Dead by Daylight Overcome is a really useful Survivor perk. Dead by Daylight has a long list of perks for both Survivors and Killers to unlock and equip. Overcome is a particularly handy perk for Survivors trying to put some distance between themselves and an attacking Killer. Here is everything you need to know about the Dead by Daylight Overcome perk.

Dead by Daylight Overcome: What It Does

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Overcome is an Exhaustion perk, that extends the speed boost granted when you are hit by the Killer by two seconds. This perk can make a big difference in whether or not you escape a Killer's chase early or not. With Overcome equipped, you can put much more distance between you and the Killer when you are hit.

As an Exhaustion perk, activating Overcome will trigger the Exhaustion debuff. This is a status effect during which any Exhaustion perks cannot be activated. There are several perks in the game known as Exhaustion perks, they are generally very useful but each one causes this debuff for a certain amount of time. Exhaustion is as it sounds, a debuff representing the exhaustion of your character. As such, the status effect only fades when the character is not running.

Dead by Daylight Overcome: How To Get It

Jonah Vasquez's list of perks
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The Overcome perk is unique to Jonah Vasquez, meaning it is available from the get-go if you play as him. It can be upgraded through the Bloodweb, the upgrades do not increase the duration of the speed boost, but do reduce the duration of the Exhaustion debuff. At base level, Overcome causes Exhaustion for 60 seconds. At tier two, it lasts for 50 seconds, and at tier three, the perk only causes Exhaustion for 40 seconds.


In order to unlock this perk for other characters, you will need to upgrade Jonah to level 50, and activate prestige. Activating prestige once will unlock the tier-one version of the perk for all other characters. A second prestige will unlock tier two, and third prestige unlocks tier three. Any character who has the tier-one version of the perk can upgrade it through their own Bloodweb.

That is everything there is to know about the Dead by Daylight Overcome Survivor perk. For more on the game, check out our up-to-date list of Dead by Daylight Codes.

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