Dead By Daylight Wesker Abilities, Perks And More

Dead By Daylight Wesker Abilities, Perks And More
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12th Aug 2022 09:00

Dead by Daylight Wesker is the brand new Killer coming to the game, all the way from the Resident Evil franchise. Dead by Daylight is collaborating with Capcom once again to bring more members of the Resident Evil cast to the game. This time, we are getting the Mastermind himself, Albert Wesker as a Killer. Here is everything you need to know to get started with the new Killer, Dead by Daylight Wesker.

Dead by Daylight Wesker: Abilities

Wesker standing in the darkness, looking at the Survivors, holding a knife behind his back
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Dead by Daylight Wesker is much the same as you would know him from Resident Evil, particularly Resident Evil 5. He is a superhuman monster with some pretty gross things hidden up his sleeve. His main weapon is a combat knife, which doesn't provide much range. He moves at a normal speed, but his terror radius is 40 metres, the widest in the game. The reason for these things is his main power, Virulent Bound.

When Wesker uses Virulent Bound he powers up his Uroboros tentacles, then lunges forward. He can follow up with a second, shorter lunge. If either dash attack makes contact with a Survivor, one of a few things happens. First, Wesker grabs the Survivor and continues dashing forward.

If they make contact with a solid object, or indeed another Survivor, Wesker will slam the Survivor and they will lose a health state. If they do not collide with a solid object, Wesker will throw them forward. If the Survivor then hits a wall or other object, they will take damage. Otherwise, they will get away unhurt.

That said, regardless of whether they take damage or not, any Survivor caught with the Virulent Bound will become infected with the Uroboros virus. The infection builds up over time, and when infected the Survivor becomes afflicted with the Hindered status effect. Hindered reduces their movement speed by 4%, and then up to 8% when the Survivor becomes fully infected. If Wesker uses Virulent Bound on a fully infected Survivor, he will instantly pick them up.

To combat this, Survivors must search for Supply Cases that contain First Aid Sprays, using them removes the infection, much like the Vaccine does when infected by Nemesis.


Dead by Daylight Wesker: Perks

Wesker's perks
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As with all new characters in Dead by Daylight, Wesker brings three new perks with him. Wesker's unique perks are Superior Anatomy, Awakened Awareness, and Terminus. Superior Anatomy is a chase perk, that increases Wesker's vault speed by up to 40% when a Survivor performs a rushed vault within 8 metres of him. This can be useful for chasing down unsuspecting Survivors who jump through windows, not knowing they are giving the Killer a speed boost.

The next perk, Awakened Awareness could be extremely powerful. While carrying a Survivor, the auras of any Survivor within a range of up to 20 metres are revealed to you. This effect lingers for two seconds after letting go of the Survivor. Being able to see any nearby Survivors through walls while carrying one of them is very strong, but if you were to pair that with Starstruck, a perk that allows the Killer to down Survivors in one hit while carrying one, you could do some serious damage.

Terminus is a bit of a last resort type of perk. When the exit gates are powered, meaning all five generators are completed, Terminus activates and afflicts all injured, downed, or hooked Survivors with Broken. This status effect makes it so that Survivors cannot heal themselves beyond the injured state. This perk is deactivated when an exit gate is opened, and the Broken effect goes away up to 30 seconds after.

That is everything you need to know about Dead by Daylight Wesker, known in the game as the Mastermind. For more on the new content, check out our Dead by Daylight Resident Evil crossover guide.

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