Dead by Daylight tier list of all Killers, from The Unknown to The Twins

Dead by Daylight tier list of all Killers, from The Unknown to The Twins
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  • Some Killers are stronger than others in Dead by Daylight so we've ranked them from strongest to weakest
  • Every DbD update comes with some tweaks to the Killers, so we update this page with every update in mind

Dead by Daylight is synonymous with its large pantheon of Killers, so I've ranked all of them in a handy tier list from The Trapper to The Unknown to help you decide who should be your next malicious main.

As a Killer in the game, it’s your job to hunt down hapless Survivors with your array of Killer Perks and sacrifice them to The Entity - and for that, you need to know who's the strongest (and weakest) right now in The Fog.

Tier list for all Killers

The below rankings are based on a Killer's current state in the game. Dead by Daylight receives frequent updates, while one of them may seem weaker now, they could end up stronger in the future (and vice versa).




The Blight, The Nurse


The Artist, The Executioner, The Good Guy, The Hag, The Hillbilly, The Huntress, The Mastermind, The Oni, The Plague, The Spirit, The Unknown, The Xenomorph


The Cenobite, The Deathslinger, The Demogorgon, The Doctor, The Dredge, The Ghost Face, The Knight, The Nemesis, The Nightmare, The Singularity, The Twins, The Wraith


The Cannibal, The Clown, The Legion, The Onryō,  The Skull Merchant, The Trapper, The Trickster


The Pig, The Shape

While the Alan Wake chapter saw some pretty significant fluctuations with Killers rising and falling quite staggeringly, and with the 'All Things Wicked' Chapter now in DbD, there's also a new Killer alongside some serious buffs to others.

Killer rankings for Dead by Daylight explained

S-Tier Killers

The Blight

The Blight Killer in Dead by Daylight
Click to enlarge

The Blight’s speed is his biggest asset, being able to close the gap to a Survivor that has gained a great deal of distance. While he can’t phase through walls, he can bounce off them before rushing to take down a Survivor.

The latest update has seen some of his add-ons adjusted to balance him out a bit, but he is still an extremely aggressive Killer even at base power.

The Blight is a character intrinsically tied to the deeper lore of Dead by Daylight, having transformed several Killers with his wretched experiments. So, it is only natural he be one of the S-Tier Killers in DBD.

The Nurse

The Nurse, a strong Killer in Dead by Daylight
Click to enlarge

Of all the Killers in Dead by Daylight, The Nurse may be the most contentious. Being able to phase through walls and rapidly traverse from one end of the map to another fundamentally removes certain aspects that are integral to the core of the game. Namely, looping during a chase.

While losing line of sight with her can make things difficult, as well as a hefty cooldown after using her power, she still poses a threat to Survivors and has long been considered the most powerful Killer in the game.

There is truly nothing scarier than a good Nurse player.

A-Tier Killers

The Artist

The Artist in Dead by Daylight
Click to enlarge

When it comes to range and zoning, The Artist is second to none, with her deadly Dire Crows that can injure Survivors from far away, and even help track the direction they’re running in.

What sets The Artist apart from other ranged Killers is her movement speed is that of a standard Killer. While most travel slower to make up for their stronger abilities, The Artist can chase down Survivors as quickly as she can swarm them with her crows.

The Executioner

The Executioner in Dead by Daylight. A powerful Killer from Silent Hill
Click to enlarge

The Executioner, or Pyramid Head, is one of the most formidable Killers in DBD. With his trenches, he can condemn Survivors and send them to a Cage of Atonement across the map. Additionally, with a built-in instant kill, he can end a Survivor’s time in a match sooner than expected.

Having swapped Silent Hill for The Realm of The Entity, Pyramid Head can also launch his secondary attacks through walls, pallets and windows, so it is essential to keep a keen eye out, lest you end up one of his next victims.

The Good Guy

Chucky, The Good Guy, as he appears in Dead by Daylight
Click to enlarge

Since his release, Chucky quickly cemented himself as one of the best Killers currently in Dead by Daylight. While he may be small, that just makes him all the more difficult for Survivors to track, especially when entering his Power that makes him Undetectable.

Using his Slice & Dice ability, Chuck can charge at Survivors at terrifying speed and, as you may have guessed, delivers a horrific slice as he screams.

This unexpected burst of speed, mixed with his disorienting stealth and map-wide Footfalls makes him a truly terrifying Killer, and one that is hard to counter.

The Hag

The Hag, a Killer in Dead by Daylight
Click to enlarge

A good Hag has always been a terrifying thing, but since her buff, she has become even more of a threat. She can lay a network of traps around the map, she can teleport to Survivors who trigger them and quickly lure them into more.

Originally, Survivors could remove her traps by shining their flashlights on them. However, to make her more of a viable Killer in the current state of the game, Survivors now have to take the time to wipe them away, wasting precious time that could be spent repairing Generators.

The Hillbilly

The Hillbilly, a terrifying Killer in Dead by Daylight
Click to enlarge

The Hillbilly has had one of the biggest buffs in the history of Dead by Daylight after receiving a significant and controversial nerf that had him lingering in the lower ranks for quite some time. The Overheat mechanic which hindered his ability to use his chainsaw was scrapped and replaced with Overdrive, which enhances his speed and allows him to cross huge map distances.

With the ability to instantly down a Survivor and the sheer speed at which he can run, The Hillbilly is once again a force to be reckoned with. Keep an eye and an ear out for that chainsaw.

The Huntress

The Huntress in DBD
Click to enlarge

Despite having a simple concept, The Huntress is one of the most tactical Killers, with the best range by far in Dead by Daylight. With the ability to send swirling hatchets across the farthest reaches of the map, she has the potential to snipe unsuspecting Survivors before they even know what’s hit them.

With a recent buff to her reload speed, she has become even more terrifying. Long-time players will know her iconic lullaby, and realise that there is a massive danger lurking in The Fog with them.

The Mastermind

Albert Wesker, The Mastermind, in DBD
Click to enlarge

Resident Evil’s Albert Wesker is one of the most intense Killers to face in DBD. With his Virulent Bound ability, he can quickly chase down Survivors and then infect them with the Uroboros virus to hinder their movement.

Additionally, his ability allows him to grab Survivors by the throat and throw them across the map, countering some of even the best Survivor Perks. A terrifying thing to be sure, but not as terrifying as being grabbed instantly and slung over his shoulder to be hooked.

The Oni

The Oni, one of the strongest Killers in DBD
Click to enlarge

Similarly to The Plague, The Oni has a slow start when a match begins in DBD. By injuring Survivors, he gains a huge chunk of his power, and injured Survivors leave blood around the map for him to collect. Once he has collected enough, his Blood Fury activates – and then you should run.

The Oni’s Demon Dash will quickly close the gap to a running Survivor, and if they’re not careful, they could be taken down in one hit using his vicious Kanobo. When the roar of The Oni reverberates across the map, it may be best to hide.

The Plague

The Plague in DBD
Click to enlarge

Ah, The Plague. The Vommy Mommy herself (and my main since I started playing) is by far one of the most powerful Killers in Dead by Daylight. With the ability to vomit on Survivors to infect and prevent them from healing, she can take down Survivors often with a single hit.

While it may take her a while to gain her true Corrupt Purge power (which can fire a projectile of deadly vomit incredibly far), once she does, she becomes a force to be reckoned with and can quickly snowball a match.

The Spirit

The Spirit, a strong Killer in Dead by Daylight
Click to enlarge

There was a time when The Spirit would have been an S-Tier Killer. However, after some significant nerfs, she’s found a home with the other A-Tier Killers. By being able to turn invisible and phase around the map, she can quickly stop a chase and sneak up on unsuspecting Survivors.

Alongside her horrifying origin story, The Spirit will strike fear in the hearts of Survivors who aren’t listening intently to the sound of her phasing hiss.

The Unknown

The Unknown in Dead by Daylight
Click to enlarge

The Unknown is a terrifying cryptid that has quickly become one of the strongest Killers in DbD right now. With a projectile that can Weaken and injure Survivors, and the ability to swiftly teleport to the hallucinations it passively and intermittently creates, it has a terrifying map presence and can devastate a team.

When discussing The Unknown with the Dead by Daylight devs, they stressed that its power had to reflect its Analog Horror roots. Survivors have to quickly decide whether to run and hide or stare it down to dispel its status effects, leaving them vulnerable to attack.

The Xenomorph

The Xenomorph Alien in DBD
Click to enlarge

The Xenomorph is the iconic perfect organism from the Alien film franchise. In talking to the developers on the release of The Xenomorph, they detailed how essential it was that The Xenomorph had a power that reflected just how powerful it was in the films.

With a tail that can pierce Survivors from a distance and the ability to crawl beneath the map to pop out from various nests, The Xenomorph stands out as one of the ultimate Killers that can devastate a team, providing it can avoid the flamethrower turrets Survivors can use.

It will take more than just Ellen Ripley alone to take on this Alien.

B-Tier Killers

The Cenobite

Pinhead, The Cenobite from Hellraiser in Dead by Daylight
Click to enlarge

Hailing from Hellraiser, The Cenobite (or Pinhead) is at his most powerful when he is chasing Survivors. With his ability allowing him to chain them up and slow them down, he can quickly catch up to a Survivor to inflict a most deadly punishment.

Pinhead is one of a few Killers that give Survivors secondary objectives in Dead by Daylight. With his puzzle box being the key to his power, if it goes unsolved, it will most certainly hinder their progress as they attempt to shake off the chains it creates.

The Deathslinger

The Deathslinger, a Killer in DBD
Click to enlarge

As one of the few ranged Killers in DbD that can use a ranged weapon, The Deathslinger must move a little slower than most to balance things out. With a speargun that can reel in Survivors to their deaths, he can command a space quickly, despite his hindered speed.

The Demogorgon

The Demogorgon from Stranger Things in DBD
Click to enlarge

Following the return of the Stranger Things content after its initial removal in DbD, players have the chance to fall in love with The Demogorgon all over again - and with good reason.

With its brutal Shred attack and ability to teleport around the map using its portals to The Upside Down, he is one of the best chasers in Dead by Daylight. So, whether you're a Steve, a Nancy or a Nicolas Cage, you'd better watch out for The Demogorgon.

The Doctor

The Doctor, a shocking DBD Killer
Click to enlarge

When it comes to shutting down a looping Survivor, The Doctor’s powerful electric charges will cause them to scream and prevent them from performing actions, such as vaulting and throwing pallets in a chase.

Additionally, his static blast helps him track down Survivors, making it incredibly difficult to hide from a determined Doctor. His add-ons are some of the strongest in the game and make his power incredibly oppressive.

The Dredge

The Dredge in Dead by Daylight
Click to enlarge

Perhaps the spookiest Killer in DBD, The Dredge can plunge a match into total darkness as it hunts down Survivors. When in this dark state, it is exceptionally difficult to find your way around, with your vision impaired and the sounds of moaning victims engulfing your ears.

The Dredge is an amalgamation of fear and can utilise lockers, (usually a haven for a baby Dwight), by teleporting to them and bursting from them suddenly. If you’re inside a locker The Dredge teleports to, you better hope someone is nearby to save you from an instant grab.

The Ghost Face

The Ghost Face, an iconic Killer in Dead by Daylight
Click to enlarge

The iconic Ghost Face is one of the stealthiest Killers in DbD. With the ability to go completely undetectable, he can stalk Survivors and, should he completely stalk them all the way, eventually down them with a single hit.

With the ability to crouch and manoeuvre around the map, spotting a Ghost Face is essential if you want to survive the entirety of a match. So, be sure to keep an eye out for a spooky face staring back at you.

The Knight

The Knight in Dead by Daylight
Click to enlarge

The Knight does what knights do best, he protects. When it comes to guarding generators, The Knight is second to none, able to deploy guards to patrol and attack anyone who may try to start repairing.

The Knight, like The Skull Merchant, is something of a contentious Killer with his ability to hold three Generators for a long period. So, if a rework or update should occur, his position as a B-Tier DbD Killer may change.

The Nemesis

Resident Evil's Nemesis in DBD
Click to enlarge

Like The Executioner, The Nemesis has a powerful ranged attack that can break pallets and hit Survivors over tricky loops. However, that power, while strong, is also its biggest weakness. It requires two hits to injure a Survivor, and multiple hits to level up to enhance its range.

However, the Zombies that The Nemesis brings into a match can come in handy for zoning and tracking down Survivors, in addition to being creepy as can be.

The Nightmare

Freddy Krueger, the Nightmare Killer in Dead by Daylight
Click to enlarge

Freddie Krueger used to be one of the weakest Killers in Dead by Daylight. However, a significant overhaul saw him become one of the most powerful. Now, he fits nicely in the middle as a decent Killer to play for any newcomer.

Personally, I favour using his dream pallets of his slow-down snares. Watching a Survivor pull down a pallet that they think is going to save them, only to result in their demise, is never not entertaining.

The Singularity

The Singularity, an alien Killer in DBD
Click to enlarge

After being introduced during the End Transmission Chapter, alongside Gabriel Soma, The Singularity took Survivors to the furthest reaches of a distant planet for them to meet their end. By placing cameras around the map, The Singularity can monitor key areas before teleporting to Survivors that are spending too much time on Generators for their liking.

Its ability to monitor Survivor activity makes it one of the most observant in the game, and can quickly shut down a gen-rushing squad in no time at all.

The Twins

The Twins Killers in Dead by Daylight
Click to enlarge

Following a significant rework that never made it to the live game, The Twins have had some quality-of-life changes made to their existing gameplay that have made them a little smoother to play. Running around and pouncing as little Victor is always fun, and now it feels a lot more accessible than their previous iteration.

The Twins have had a tough time in DbD, from a rocky introduction to a scrapped rework. However, they remain one of the stronger Killers in the game if you can master their complicated playstyle and keep the map pressure going.

The Wraith

The Wraith, a Dead by Daylight Killer
Click to enlarge

When it comes to stealth Killers in DbD, The Wraith is the original. By ringing his bell, he becomes completely transparent and can sneak up on Survivors easily. After a significant nerf to his overall attack speed when emerging from his power, The Wraith is in quite a good and balanced place right now.

Only time will tell if he will work his way back up into higher places within the tier list.

C-Tier Killers

The Cannibal

Leatherface, the Cannibal Killer in DBD
Click to enlarge

Leatherface from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is one of the best Killers to pick if you’re just starting with DbD. With an ability that is easy to handle, he can quickly down Survivors and hook them in his basement (just don't be a camping Bubba. Nobody likes that).

His ease of use is about all he has going for him at the moment, but that is by no means a bad thing. His Perks are some of the best in the game, and shouldn’t be sniffed at either.

The Clown

The Clown, a Killer in Dead by Daylight
Click to enlarge

The Clown doesn’t have much going for him. While he can slow down Survivors with his noxious gases, and raise his speed, it is difficult to maintain constant pressure around the map and keep Survivors off of Generators.

However, when it comes to chases, his bottles of poison can discombobulate a Survivor, blurring their vision and making those precious seconds it takes to get to a pallet count.

The Legion

The Legion, a fearsome Killer in DBD
Click to enlarge

The Legion has had a peculiar journey since joining Dead by Daylight with the Darkness Among Us chapter. While initially far too powerful (to the point of nearly breaking the game) The Legion is a master at keeping Survivors injured.

While it's always a frightening thing to be injured and near death, staying injured also allows Survivors to put their time into completing their objective, which is where The Legion’s ability falls.

The Onryō

Ringu's Onryo in Dead by Daylight
Click to enlarge

The spooky girl from inside the TV is crawling out to condemn hapless Survivors who don’t watch their tapes in time. The Onryō has a built-in killing mechanic, and as such, Survivors need to keep an eye on their Condemned meter.

The Onryō's placement has dropped significantly since the Alan Wake update, with her power nowhere near as strong as it used to be. While she can teleport freely around the map with no cooldown, her ability to instantly kill Survivors has been significantly nerfed and requires her to lock in the stacks so that she can secure the kill.

The Skull Merchant

The Skull Merchant Killer in Dead by Daylight
Click to enlarge

The Skull Merchant has quickly become one of the most controversial Killers in Dead by Daylight, to the point that she has received a significant rework since her release in the Tools of Torment Chapter. By using her drones, she can monitor the location of Survivors, as well as give them traps that can cause all manner of problems.

However, now that her power has been significantly nerfed, she has very little in her hunting arsenal to make any real impact, and even a team that is only half organised can run rings around her.

The Trapper

The Trapper, Dead by Daylight's first Killer
Click to enlarge

Despite being the poster boy for DbD, The Trapper can be a tricky Killer to master, owing mostly to his slow set-up time. By placing bear traps around the map, The Trapper has to hope and pray that they snare a Survivor who wasn’t looking where they were going.

With some reworks to allow him some extra speed after placing a trap, The Trapper is slowly but surely creeping his way up the tier list - and may even see himself going up a tier if his tweaks continue to go in a positive direction.

The Trickster

The Trickster, a K-Pop Killer in Dead by Daylight
Click to enlarge

Who says that terrifying Killers can’t also be beautiful? In the case of The Trickster, he certainly turns that idea on its head. A sadistic K-Pop idol, he can throw a volley of knives to chip away at Survivors from afar.

Unlike The Huntress, The Trickster’s knives do not injure immediately and require several lacerations before the full injury. Despite a slight buff, he remains one of the weaker ranged Killers. However, a Trickster player who can balance their time and make precise shots can still be a frightening thing.

D-Tier Killers

The Pig

The Pig from Saw, a Killer in DBD
Click to enlarge

With some stealth options and secondary objectives, The Pig does have some tools to take down a strong team. However, they just aren’t all that powerful compared to other Killers. Especially since she only has one method of direct attack.

While you don’t want to get complacent when you have a Reverse-Bear Trap on your head, they are easy to remove and pose no real threat unless The Pig can maintain constant pressure.

The Shape

Michael Myers as he appears in DBD
Click to enlarge

Despite being one of the most iconic horror movie killers, Michael Myers is sadly one of the weaker Killers in DbD. While he is certainly scary, with his ability to stalk Survivors and Expose them, it takes far too long to gain his full power.

Once he has been spotted, it can be increasingly difficult to fully power up, and as such, reducing his ability to secure a Merciless Killer rank.

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That’s our ranking of all the Killers in Dead by Daylight. Be sure to keep checking back as the updates roll in to see if there are any changes to your favourite's position! In the meantime, take a look at all the maps so you can get to grips with all the Realms, the Free Gift and Store Bundles on offer, or the ever-updating Shrine of Secrets for some new Perks.

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