Here’s how many Killers are in Dead by Daylight, from originals to licences

Here’s how many Killers are in Dead by Daylight, from originals to licences
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There are loads of Killers in Dead by Daylight and the list keeps on growing with the inclusion of new and original ones being routinely added - so I've broken them down all here along with their corresponding Chapters.

Dead by Daylight is renowned for being a pantheon of horror, with some of the most iconic horror franchises, like Alien and Chucky joining the game alongside a whole cast of original Killers.

How many Killers are there?

There are currently 35 available Killers to choose from, 22 of which are original to DbD, while the remaining 13 are from iconic horror film and video game franchises.

An assortment of Killers in Dead by Daylight. From left: The Spirit, The Ghost Face, The Bliight and The Legion
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While there was a time when the Stranger Things content in DbD was removed, players can once again play as The Demogorgon, and even in the Hawkins Laboratory, one of the many realms in DbD associated with a corresponding Killer.

Who are the original Killers in Dead by Daylight?

Dead by Daylight has a vast array of original Killers who have been drawn into The Fog to sacrifice Survivors. While initially starting with three default Killers, the roster has grown substantially to include Killers from a variety of eras. You can see that below from the K-pop-inspired Trickster to the Babylonian-era Plague.

Some original Killers in Dead by Daylight. From left: The Dredge, The Trickster, The Plague, The Artist
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Some Killers are stronger than others, but they will all do their utmost to hook some hapless Survivors with an array of the best Killer Perks in the game.



The Artist

Portrait of a Murder

The Blight

Descend Beyond

The Clown

Curtain Call

The Deathslinger

Chains of Hate

The Doctor

Spark of Madness

The Dredge

Roots of Dread

The Hag

Of Flesh and Mud

The Hillbilly


The Huntress

Lullaby for the Dark

The Knight

Forged in Fog

The Legion

Darkness Among Us

The Nurse

The Last Breath

The Oni

Cursed Legacy

The Plague

Demise of the Faithful

The Singularity

End Transmission

The Skull Merchant

Tools of Torment

The Spirit

Shattered Bloodlines

The Trapper


The Trickster


The Twins

A Binding of Kin

The Unknown

All Things Wicked

The Wraith


Licensed Killers in DbD

Alongside the original Killers, there's also plenty of licensed Killers from some of horror's most iconic film and video game franchises as seen in the selection below.

Some licensed Killers in Dead by Daylight. From left: The Executioner, The Onryo, The Shape, The Xenomorph
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While some come with their own licensed Survivors, like Ellen Ripley, others have entered the Realm of the Entity alone to cause their personal brand of chaos.



The Cannibal

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

The Cenobite


The Demogorgon

Stranger Things

The Executioner

Silent Hill

The Ghost Face


The Good Guy


The Mastermind

Resident Evil: Project W

The Nemesis

Resident Evil

The Nightmare

A Nightmare on Elm Street

The Onryo


The Pig


The Shape


The Xenomorph


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That’s everything you need to know about how many Killers there are in Dead by Daylight, from the originals to the licensed characters. Now that you've all the Killers, check out our codes guide or the weekly updates for the Shrine of Secrets so you can get your hands on some new Perks and upgrades.

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