Dead by Daylight Lights Out event dates, modifier & how to access

Dead by Daylight Lights Out event dates, modifier & how to access
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Jack Roberts


7th Feb 2024 16:05


Since Alan Wake entered The Fog in Dead by Daylight, Behaviour Interactive has been teasing a unique modifier to the game: Lights Out – so we’re here to break down everything you need to know about this new mode, from the dates it takes place to want it entails.

Whether you’re a Champion of Light or Herald of Darkness, the Lights Out modifier looks set to alter DbD in new and terrifying ways where even the best Killer and Survivor Perks won’t be able to help you.

What is the Dead by Daylight Lights Out event?

The Lights Out modifier in Dead by Daylight is a limited-time mode that will, as the name suggests, plunge select maps into darkness with several spooky effects.

While the Lights Out modifier is in effect, both Survivors and Killers will have a limited UI, affecting their senses and limiting their visibility. So, if you thought Chucky and The Xenomorph weren’t frightening enough already, they’re about to get much scarier.

Additionally, players will not be able to bring Perks, items, add-ons, or offerings into the Trial, meaning they’ll have to go it alone as they enter The Fog. However, there will be more chests on the map so Survivors can grab an item on the fly to help them.

Finally, to even the odds on both sides, Survivors will no longer leave Scratch Marks when they run, and Killers will not have a Terror Radius. So while Survivors will be harder to track, you will never know when the Killer could be right next to you ready to strike.

The maps chosen to embrace the darkness are:

  • Family Residence
  • Mount Ormand Resort
  • The Shattered Square
  • Treatment Theatre

When is the Dead by Daylight Lights Out event?

Meg being stalked by The Huntress from the dark in Dead by Daylight's Lights Out event
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The Lights Out event in Dead by Daylight takes place from February 7th to February 14th 2024, meaning players will only have a week to try out this mode.

How to access the Dead by Daylight Lights Out event

The Huntress throws a hatches in Dead by Daylight Lights Out
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While this is a limited-time event, it does not replace the typical Dead by Daylight experience, and can instead be accessed as a separate mode in the main menu in addition to your typical Trials.

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That’s everything you need to know about the Lights Out event in Dead by Daylight. With the promise of new modifiers that could change the game, who knows what scares The Entity has in store for us? If you’re looking for more on DbD, be sure to check out our Dead by Daylight homepage where you’ll find some of the best builds for Killers like The Demogorgon or Survivors like Ellen Ripley.

Jack is a Guides Writer at GGRecon. With a BA (Hons) & MA in English and Creative Writing, he was also the Gaming Editor for The Indiependent. When not pondering which game has the best cup of coffee (and drinking far too much of it himself), he can often be found playing Dead by Daylight, Street Fighter or making yet another build in Bloodborne.

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