All Dead by Daylight maps, from Greenville Square to Nostromo Wreckage

All Dead by Daylight maps, from Greenville Square to Nostromo Wreckage
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In Dead by Daylight, there are a wide variety of maps and Realms for Survivors to repair Generators and Killers to chase their prey, from the sickening sunshine of Coldwind Farm to the spooky screams of Silent Hill - so I'm here to break them all down for you.

While some maps are tied to original Killers in the game, others derive from iconic horror licenses, like Resident Evil's Raccoon City, replicating them eerily close to the source material - even the best Killers need a place to call their hunting ground, after all. 

What are the Realms & Maps in Dead by Daylight?

In Dead by Daylight, there are 20 Realms, with some featuring multiple maps. Others, particularly the Realms from licenced updates, only have one. These are all shown below:

Realm Maps Associated Killers
MacmMillan Estates

Coal Tower

Groaning Store House

Ironworks of Misery

Shelter Woods

Suffocation Pit

The Trapper

The Skull Merchant

Autohaven Wreckers

Azarov's Resting Place

Blood Lodge

Gas Heaven

Wrecker's Yard

Wretched Shop

The Wraith

Coldwind Farm

Fractured Cowshed

Rancid Abattoir

Rotten Fields

The Thompson House

Torment Creek

The Hillbilly

Crotus Prenn Asylum

Disturbed Ward

Father Campbell's Chapel

The Nurse

The Clown

Haddonfield Lampkin Lane The Shape
Backwater Swamp

The Pale Rose

Grim Pantry

The Hag

Léry's Memorial Institute Treatment Theatre The Doctor
Red Forest

Mother's Dwelling

The Temple of Purgation

The Huntress

The Plague

Springwood Badham Preschool (I, II, III, IV, V) The Nightmare
Gideon Meat Plant The Game The Pig
Yamaoka Estate

Family Residence

Sanctum of Wrath

The Spirit

The Oni


Mount Ormond Resort

The Legion

Hawkins National Laboratory

The Underground Complex

The Demogorgon

Grave of Glenvale Dead Dawg Saloon The Deathslinger
Silent Hill Midwich Elementary School The Executioner
Raccoon City

Raccoon City Police Station East Wing

Raccoon City Police Station West Wing

The Nemesis

The Mastermind

Forsaken Boneyard Eyrie of Crows The Artist
Withered Isle

Garden of Joy

Greenville Square

The Dredge

The Unknown

The Decimated Borgo The Shattered Square The Knight
Dvarka Deepwood

Toba Landing

Nostromo Wreckage

The Singularity

The Xenomorph

You'll notice above that we've detailed all the maps currently available in Dead by Daylight, separated by their Realms and the Killers associated with them. Some characters, such as The Cenobite from Hellraiser or The Onryo from Ringu did not receive their own maps.

However, other killers like The Skull Merchant and The Plague had new maps created and updated from the already existing Realms.

All Realms & Maps explained

The MacMillan Estate

The MacMillan Estate, one of the maps in Dead by Daylight. The image shows an abandoned mineshaft
Click to enlarge

The Macmillan Estate map in Dead by Daylight is an old plot of land once owned by Archie McMillan. He ran a mine and a foundry there, and what was once a bustling industry, through obsession became a slave camp and finally a place where many died. The site has sat untouched for years, save for the occasional rambunctious teenager who dares to enter. However, the machinery has started up again, and something is going on at the MacMillan Estate.

This Realm has five maps, the first is Coal Tower. This is one of the most balanced maps in the game, with two main structures, the coal tower and the warehouse, one at either end and plenty of trees and debris in between.

The Groaning Storehouse is next, this map has one very large main building, the storehouse. The area around the storehouse is quite open with lots of items scattered around.

Similarly, the Ironworks of Misery has a large, central building. The ironworks building has two floors with stairs that go out and around the building. There are long sightlines around the building, ideal for spotting opposing players from a distance.

Shelter Woods was originally a large open space with no unique building or structure. However, with the introduction of The Skull Merchant in the Tools of Torment Chapter, she set up camp there, bringing with her a unique building that offered new possibilities for chases.

Finally, we have the Suffocation Pit, which is a bit smaller but has a similar balanced design to the Coal Tower. There are two main structures, one at either end and in between you have lots of high walls to hide behind and plenty of sightlines.

Autohaven Wreckers

The Autohaven Wreckers, a car junkyard map in Dead by Daylight
Click to enlarge

Autohaven Wreckers was once a salvage yard, a place where old cars and trucks were taken to be scrapped. It was an innocuous place, until the day that hundreds of bodies were discovered there. Hidden in trunks, crushed down to nothing, so many died there and no one ever knew why. The place was abandoned and left to rot, but someone has started up the crusher again.

Autohaven Wreckers is a Realm consisting of five maps, unified by a junkyard aesthetic. The first map is Azarov’s Resting Place. This is a strong map for Killers, as Survivors don’t have as many options for escaping a chase.

Then we have Blood Lodge, a large map with a small lodge at one end. With considerable sightlines, Survivors should have no problem seeing a Killer coming from far away.

Next is Gas Heaven, which as you can guess has a gas station for its main element. The station is surrounded by junkyard debris and old, destroyed cars, which can make traversing the map difficult and clunky.

Wrecker’s Yard is next, it is the smallest map of the bunch and it features no unique structure, it is just a yard of wrecks. As such it is fairly balanced, if a bit in favour of the Survivors thanks to its size.

Lastly is Wretched Shop, a workshop in a map of wrecked cars and lots of trees, which makes this one of the more open maps of the Autohaven Wreckers Realm.

Coldwind Farm

Coldwind Farm, an ominous map with barns and farm equipment in Dead by Daylight
Click to enlarge

Coldwind Farm was once a successful farm, owned by Mr and Mrs Adams. After years of hard-earned success, the farm suddenly stopped operating. Locals were concerned, and the police decided to investigate. What they found was a farm in ruins, a disgusting mess that was once a bustling farmhouse.

Destroyed but for one room, where it appeared someone had been staying. Down in the basement, the remains of the Adams family were found among those of their livestock. The farm was gone, but the horror didn’t end there. Bodies were found for years to come, in the walls, in the old silo, and even in the harvester which spewed blood from its nozzle.

Coldwind Farm consists of five maps, each set somewhere on the farmland. You have the Fractured Cowshed, a large map with a giant shed at the centre. Surrounding the shed are fields of corn, which Survivors can use to hide in.

Next is Rancid Abbatoir, again you have cornfields for cover but this map also has several key structures, the main one being the abattoir itself.

Then we have Rotten Fields, which is the map of this Realm that has no unique structure. The cornfields of Coldwind Farm are incredibly useful and this map has plenty of them.

The Thompson House is a map focused on a key building, the eponymous house. There are plenty of ways in and out of the house, as well as lots of corn surrounding it.

Finally, we have Torment Creek is the largest map in Coldwind Farm. The main attraction here is the toppled grain silo, which serves as the main structure of the map. The silo is on its side and destroyed, giving plenty of ways to pass through it. Of course, there are plenty of cornfields surrounding the silo, the staple of Coldwind Farm.

Crotus Prenn Asylum

Crotus Prenn Asylum, one of the burning Realms in Dead by Daylight
Click to enlarge

Crotus Prenn was once an asylum that housed some of the most dangerous minds in the world. That was until the night when over fifty patients were brutally murdered, and the asylum was shuttered for good. It was left abandoned until one night, someone started a fire there, and no one came to put it out.

Crotus Prenn contains two maps, and the theme of this Realm is the asylum. The first map is called Disturbed Ward. This map contains the asylum itself, as well as several small structures around it. The asylum has plenty of routes and quick exits, making it a great place for Survivors to give Killers the run-around. Killers will need to know their way around here to win.

The second map here is Father Campbell’s Chapel. This fairly balanced map has the chapel as its main central structure. There are plenty of options here for both Survivor and Killer, as the map has an outdoor section as well.

Just remember, when you head to Father Campbell's Chapel, be sure to pet Maurice the three-eyed horse. He will appreciate it.


Haddonfield, the home of Michael Myers in Dead by Daylight
Click to enlarge

Haddonfield was once a regular American town, with nothing unusual about it. That was until one Halloween when Haddonfield became the birthplace of something evil. Not many know just what went on, but after that night, the people of Haddonfield felt a lot less safe in their homes. During the day the town was like any other, but at night, an eerie quiet fell.

Haddonfield is the setting of the Halloween films and was added to the game along with Michael Myers. The only map here is called Lampkin Lane. This map is a suburban street, with several houses on each side. It is really good for Survivors, who can make use of the houses and gardens to elude the Killer.

Backwater Swamp

Backwater Swamp one of the maps and home of The Hag in Dead by Daylight
Click to enlarge

The Backwater Swamp was a region that was left abandoned for years until locals found signs of a destroyed settlement under the water. When the government drained the swamp and found the village, they discovered that the people there had been brutally murdered.

Not only that, they also found the sunken remains of an old paddle-steamer boat called the Pale Rose, with more bodies within. Something had done terrible things to the people here, and whatever it was, it was long gone.

The Backwater Swamp Realm is, as you could guess, a swampy Realm where the Hag dwells. There are two maps in this Realm, the first of which is the Pale Rose. This map is the area surrounding the Pale Rose ship, which serves as the primary structure of the map. It is a small and intricate space with plenty of nooks and crannies.

The second map is Grim Pantry, and like the first map, it can be quite inconsistent. It is hard to say which side the map benefits, Survivors or Killers, making the map strangely quite balanced. The main structure is the large pantry area, which is tight and windy for lots of chasing and spooky fun.

Léry’s Memorial Institute

The Treatement Theatre, a room full of screens and screams and the Realm of The Doctor in Dead by Daylight
Click to enlarge

Léry’s Memorial Institute began life as a hospital for soldiers returning from the Korean War. The old mansion was donated for that purpose, and it served that purpose until the 1960s when it was taken over by the CIA. Before long, the institute became a black site, used to develop new and probably illegal interrogation techniques. That was until the building was condemned, and mostly demolished in the 80s. No one has ever been able to bring what happened there to the public eye, its secrets long dead and buried.

Léry’s Memorial Institute was the first fully indoor Realm in Dead by Daylight. The only map of the Realm is Treatment Theatre. It is an intricate medical facility with lots of twists, turns, and places to hide. These maps can often be the most difficult, not having open spaces to work in can be tricky but with lots of good options, this map can still work well.

Red Forest

The Red Forest map, home to The Huntress and The Plague in Dead by Daylight
Click to enlarge

In the dead forest surrounding Chornobyl, where almost nothing can live, there is a house in the trees. The forest has wrapped itself around this house, but the house is not destroyed or decaying. The house is warm and inviting, and decorated with love. This is someone’s home, here in the deadliest of conditions.

The Red Forest is home to two maps, Mother’s Dwelling and The Temple of Purgation. Mother’s Dwelling is the largest map in the game, which makes it a rough time for Killers. With so much open space and a handful of structures, it is not an easy job to hunt down Survivors here.

The Temple of Purgation isn’t much smaller, but it features a more prominent structure in the temple itself. This large building in the centre of the map has lots of paths in and out and has doors that need to be opened by repairing a generator. Overall these maps are not great for Killers, but a great time for Survivors who like to keep their distance.


Freddy Krueger stalks his pray in Springwood, one of the maps in Dead by Daylight
Click to enlarge

Springwood was once a normal, quiet town in the American Midwest. Nothing unusual went on here until a man named Freddy Krueger began his despicable acts. Distrusting the authorities, the people of Springwood decided to take matters into their own hands and burned Freddy’s house to the ground. Unfortunately, while they destroyed his body, Freddy’s evil soul would live on and continue his awful work.

Springwood consists of five maps, but each one is a variation of the same map. The maps are Badham Preschool 1 to 5. Each one features the preschool as the main building, which is surrounded by outdoor areas and other buildings.

Gideon Meat Plant

The Game bathroom from the iconic Saw horror films, now a Realm in Dead by Daylight
Click to enlarge

The Gideon Meatpacking Plant was once a functioning plant, which was left abandoned until it was bought and restored by the Urban Renewal Group, an organisation founded by civil engineer John Kramer. When Kramer was later diagnosed with terminal cancer, he decided to make use of the plant in a much different fashion. What was once a place where animals were killed for food, now people would die at the whims of the psychotic Jigsaw killer.

There is just one map here, The Game. The Game is laid out like a grid, with two floors of square rooms that shuffle about in their order. There are doors around the building that will open when the generators are completed. One of the few constants of the map is the Bathroom, the site of the first Saw film.

Yamaoka Estate

Yamaoka Estate, home of the The Spirit and The Oni in Dead by Daylight
Click to enlarge

The Yamaoka Estate dates back to the days of the samurai when the first of the family arrived on the land. He bought the estate with money he earned fighting on both sides of the local political conflict, where he became a legend on the battlefield. The estate would then be passed down through generations.

There are two maps in the Yamaoka Estate Realm. The first is Family Residence, which takes place in and around the ruins of the old family home. This map is great for Survivors as it is very easy to hide and blend in with your surroundings here.

The second map is the Sanctum of Wrath, which has much of the same features as Family Residence. However, the split of generators spawning on either side of this map gives Killers the option to only manage one side of the map.


Mount Ormond, where The Legion have taken over in Dead by Daylight
Click to enlarge

Ormond is a ski resort in Canada, which was to be the site of a promising coal mine. However, the project proved detrimental to the local environment and the shutdown of the mine had a cascade effect on the town. The ski resort now sits unused, the town sleepy and largely empty. What was once an awe-inspiring sight has become bleak and foreboding.

Ormond has one map, the Mount Ormond Resort. This map is quite different from a lot of other maps, as it is very bright there. The sunlight reflects off the driven snow to create a bright, yet still quite drab and gloomy atmosphere. Less bright white, more grey and cold. The ski lodge itself is a giant structure in the centre of the map which obstructs most views. It is quite difficult for Killers to keep the pressure on Survivors on this map.

Hawkins National Laboratory

The Hawkins National Laboratory in Dead by Daylight
Click to enlarge

Hailing from the Stranger Things Chapter, The Hawkins National Laboratory's Underground Complex is the home of The Demogorgon. With multiple floors, it can be a tricky one to navigate, but it's a faithful recreation of the show.

After the removal of the Stranger Things Chapter, it was seemingly retired for good. However, it's back now and just as horrifying as we remember. With a room showing off the main portal to the Upside Down and the place where Eleven made her gruesome escape, even the hardiest of Survivors (like Steve Harrington) may find it hard to navigate this deadly lab.

Grave of Glenvale

Grave of Glenvale, the saloon and home of The Deathslinger in Dead by Daylight
Click to enlarge

Glenvale is an old west town, in every sense of the phrase. There is a saloon, a windmill, stagecoaches, and even gallows. It is everything you would expect an old west town to look like.

The map is called Dead Dawg Saloon, and overall it is a well-balanced map. There are lots of buildings here with multiple levels and a main street right down the middle. This map has plenty of opportunities for everyone, both Killers and Survivors.

Silent Hill

Midwich Elementary School, a map based on the iconic Silent Hill location in Dead by Daylight
Click to enlarge

When Harry Mason brought his daughter Cheryl to the resort town of Silent Hill, something awful happened. After a car crash, Cheryl disappeared and Harry had to set out into the twisted town to find her. He searched all over for her, fighting back monsters and traversing the thick fog. Eventually, he made his way to Midwich Elementary School, the place where this Dead by Daylight map takes place.

Midwich Elementary School is a tight and compact map. It is laid out faithfully to how it was in Silent Hill, with much of the same room and hallway locations. This faithfulness may have come at the detriment of the gameplay, as this style of map is often considered quite unsuited to Dead by Daylight’s mechanics. Now, this is much more so the case with some other maps, as Midwich Elementary School has made decent allowances to flow better as a DBD map.

Raccoon City

Raccoon City Police Station, where Resident Evil characters originate from in Dead by Daylight
Click to enlarge

Raccoon City is one of the most famous settings in all of horror games, and even in all of horror fiction. This doomed city was the site of the Racoon City Outbreak, the inciting incident of the entire Resident Evil series. While the first game took place just outside of the city, it was RE2 that took us to the heart of this Pacific northwestern city. Namely, the Racoon City Police Station.

The station is the setting for the two maps in this Realm, and it is based directly on the version in the Resident Evil 2 remake. Like with Midwich Elementary School, the developers were faithful in their recreation of the police station.

With the introduction of The Mastermind in the Project W. Chapter, the map was split into two wings to make traversing it much more manageable for Killers and Survivors alike.

Forsaken Boneyard

Forsaken Boneyard, the map of The Artist in Dead by Daylight
Click to enlarge

The Forsaken Boneyard Realm is the domain of the Artist. There is one map in this Realm, called Eyrie of Crows. This map is quite small, it is desert-like and filled with crypts, with a large building near one end of the map.

The map is quite bright and sightlines are narrow, highly benefitting the Survivors. The many crypts and structures give the survivors lots of ways to disappear from a Killer’s sight. If you are playing as Killer and you get this map, you can do little more than hope for the best.

Withered Isle

The movie theatre in Greenville Square, a map in Dead by Daylight
Click to enlarge

The Withered Isle now features two maps since the introduction of The Unknown and the All Things Wicked Chapter. Initially, The Garden of Joy map was introduced alongside The Dredge, during Dead by Daylight's 6th Anniversary celebrations, but now the realm also plays host to Greenville Square.

When discussing All Things Wicked with the DbD devs, they said that this was a space designed to emulate small-town America, where some of the most terrifying horror stories take place. So whether you're fighting a body-horror amalgamation or a creepy cryptid, you'll find them here.

The Decimated Borgo

The main building of The Shattered Square, the Realm of The Knight in Dead by Daylight
Click to enlarge

With its terrifying castle watching over it, The Shattered Square - the Realm of The Knight in Dead by Daylight - is a medieval township that has seen better days.

The sickening green glow in the sky enhances the terror of the burning buildings, overturned carts and spooky gallows tree, after being laid to waste following several of The Knight's pillages.

These horrors will only continue, as Survivors have to act quickly if they're going to open the castle gates to escape.

Dvarka Deepwood

The Toba Landing, a spacecraft situated on an alien planet and the Realm of The Singularity in Dead by Daylight. There is an assortment of alien foliage surrounding the dilapidated spacecraft
Click to enlarge

Added as a new Realm in Chapter 28 and coinciding with Dead by Daylight's 7th Anniversary celebrations, the Toba Landing in The Dvarka Deepwood is the Realm of The Singularity. Its beautiful pink sky looms ominously and demonstrates the power of The Entity's reach.

Set on another planet, the Toba Landing is covered in alien foliage and creatures skittering around to create an ethereal science fiction area. The central point, The Toba spacecraft, has multiple floors and is the scene of the rogue AI's monstrous massacre, of which only Gabriel Soma survived.

The second map added to the Dvarka Deepwood is the Nostromo Wreckage, brought into The Fog with the inclusion of the Alien chapter. The place where Ellen Ripley faced off against The Xenomorph to become the sole survivor, Nostromo Wreckage is filled with the debris of the wrecked ship.

Taken from the first Alien film, the Nostromo Wreckage features indoor and outdoor elements, as well as an assortment of Alien-inspired Easter Eggs to discover. As Ripley and The Xenomorph do battle on this map, Survivors will have to Navigate the various otherworldly rock formations and broken ship parts if they are going to make it out alive.

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That is an introduction to every Dead by Daylight map currently available. With more licences sure to arrive, we're bound to see more iconic locations enter The Fog. If you're looking for more, be sure to check out our guides on the best Killer Perks and the best Survivor Perks so you have a better chance of winning in these maps.

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