Dead By Daylight Tools Of Torment: Release Date, Trailers, New Killer, Survivors And Perks

Dead By Daylight Tools Of Torment: Release Date, Trailers, New Killer, Survivors And Perks
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16th Feb 2023 12:17

Dead by Daylight Tools of Torment is the next chapter coming to the multiplayer horror game. Dead by Daylight has been on a hot streak of crossovers and interesting original content. Tools of Torment is the next chapter, bringing a new original Killer, and a pair of Survivors. Here is everything to know about Dead by Daylight Tools of Torment.

Dead By Daylight Tools Of Torment: Release Date

Dead by Daylight Tools of Torment: The Killer approaches the Survivors
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Fans who fancy jumping on day one with this new chapter do not have long to wait. Chapter 27 of Dead by Daylight will come to the game on March 7th. This brings the new Killer, two new Survivors, all of their perks, and an updated map.

Anyone who simply cannot wait can jump on the Play Test Build on PC and try out the new characters now. They will be available there for a few days until it is taken down ahead of the official launch.

Dead By Daylight Tools Of Torment: New Killer

Dead by Daylight Tools of Torment: The new Killer, The Skull Merchant
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A new chapter means a new Killer, and this time we are coming back to the present with the Skull Merchant. Adriana Imai is a remorseless capitalist, making her a natural fit among the Killers of Dead by Daylight. She made her fortunes by buying and selling companies, bleeding them for all they were worth before moving on.

Her obsession with dominance eventually led to violence, and before long she began to destroy her business rivals in a more literal sense. This lust for killing is what drew the eye of the Entity, and earned the Skull Merchant a place among the Killers of the Realms.

The Skull Merchant comes with three unique perks, as is customary. Her first perk is THWACK! This perk activates after you hook a Survivor, and lasts up to 75 seconds. If in that time you break a wall or pallet, all Survivors within 32 metres will scream and have their auras revealed for 4 seconds. Leverage is a perk with tokens, which are gained by hooking Survivors. Each token reduces the healing speed of all Survivors for 30 seconds.

Finally, Game Afoot is an interesting perk that allows you to change your obsession. To do so, you need only to hit a Survivor with a basic attack. However, you can only change your obsession to the Survivor you have chased the most in the match. This perk also grants a 5% Haste effect for up to 10 seconds after hitting a generator or breaking an obstacle.

Dead By Daylight Tools Of Torment: New Survivors

Dead by Daylight Tools of Torment: The new Survivors caught in a trap
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A pair of Survivors join the game in Tools of Torment, unfortunate witnesses to the Skull Merchant's murder. Thalita and Renato Lyra are brother and sister who share the unusual hobby of kite fighting.

Through chance, their kites were caught in the rotors of a drone, a drone that belonged to the Skull Merchant. She hunted them down to eliminate them as witnesses to her crimes, a chase which led them all into the clutches of the Entity.

The siblings bring six new perks to the Survivor pool. Thalita's perks are Friendly Competition, Teamwork: Power of Two, and Cut Loose. Renato brings us Bloodrush, Teamwork: Collective Strength, and Background Player.

Friendly Competiton increases your repair speed and the repair speed of anyone who helped you after you completely repair a generator. Teamwork: Power of Two activates when you heal another player and grants both of you a 5% Haste buff so long as you stay within 12 metres of each other.

Cut Loose activates when you perform a rushed vault, and gives you a few seconds in which you can perform further rushed vaults without making a loud noise. Further vaults reset the timer.

Bloodrush can be activated once you are dead on a hook, meaning one hook away from instant death. You can manually activate this perk to recover from Exhaustion, at the cost of suffering the Broken debuff for up to 28 seconds.

Teamwork: Collective Stealth activates when another Survivor heals you and removes both of your scratch marks so long as you remain within 12 metres of each other. Finally, Background Player is an Exhaustion perk that grants 150% sprint speed for six seconds after unhooking another Survivor.

That is everything we currently know about the Dead by Daylight Tools of Torment chapter. To get up to speed, check out our rundown of the previous chapter, Dead by Daylight Forged in Fog.

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