Doom Eternal Made A Whopping $450 Million Without Microtransactions

Doom Eternal Made A Whopping $450 Million Without Microtransactions
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Jack Marsh


2nd Mar 2021 17:24

As far as gold mines go in the world of gaming, the last place you'd look is in the burning gates of hell. However, not iD Software, whose blazing FPS shooter has ignited critical acclaim throughout the industry and has seemingly reaped its rewards for going where no other developer has gone before.

The fifth installation in the Doom Series was released in March 2020, before making its way onto Nintendo Switch as of December 8, and is set to be released on next-gen consoles (Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5) later this year.

Despite not being a main title for the next-gen consoles, Doom Eternal has made a staggering amount of money, without the use of any microtransactions. Quite a mind-easing and respectful accomplishment, considering the likes of EA and Activision churn money out of their players each month with new bundles and battlepasses. 

According to a now-deleted LinkedIn post through Product Management Lead at Id Software, David Saunders, Doom Eternal made $450 million without the use of microtransactions or lootboxes.

On the flipside, Electronic Arts have become renowned for marking their standpoint on microtransactions, even facing lawsuits over their use. The publishers make over a billion dollars annually on titles such as FIFA and Apex Legends by tempting players in with rare and expensive skins, gambling-like lootboxes, and other menial ways to make a quick penny. 

Activision has also sparked rage over their microtransactions in the past after it was revealed that they made $1.2 billion in three months from alike bundles and subscriptions. 

Commendably, Doom Eternal has managed to supersede any financial predictions being simply being an outstanding game, rather than plucking away at their players' wallets to consume money on a daily basis. 

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