Players are gutted there won’t be new Minecraft Dungeons content

Players are gutted there won’t be new Minecraft Dungeons content
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30th Sep 2023 18:34

On the fifth anniversary of the announcement of Minecraft Dungeons in 2018, Mojang has confirmed that the game will not be receiving any future updates.

Since it's release, 25 million unique players have jumped into the Minecraft-themed dungeon crawler, forming a passionate community around the game who are very disappointed that the game is ending.

Mojang will not be releasing any new content for Minecraft Dungeons

In a statement shared on the Minecraft website, Mojang announced that it would not be releasing any future updates for Minecraft Dungeons.

This means that the final update to the game was released in November 2022, 10 months before the announcement was made.

The statement said: “Minecraft Dungeons began as a passion project, inspired by our love of classic dungeon crawler games and reimagined as a completely new Minecraft experience. But it was the love of our players that made it grow and thrive, allowing us to continue the adventure and venture further into the Nether, the End, and eventually the mysterious Tower. It exceeded our wildest dreams, and it makes us both proud and grateful for having had the pleasure of building a game together with a community like this one.

“However, every journey has an end. As 1.17 was Minecraft Dungeons’ final update, our team has now moved on to new projects that continue to explore experiences in the Minecraft universe. This means that there are no new features or content updates planned for the game. We do intend to continue bringing new experiences to the Minecraft universe and give our team the freedom to keep exploring the types of games they're passionate about – just as they did with Dungeons! 

“Don't think for a second this means your adventures are done! There are still plenty of adventures to be had together with your friends; dungeons to spelunk, ancient hunts to conquer, and toppling a Tower whose layout will continue to rotate. And while the story of Dungeons might have reached its conclusion, our community continues to build their own stories. We are happy that so many new players discover and enjoy the game on a growing range of platforms, and ultimately become part of the Dungeons family of heroes. 

“You’re all wonderful. Thank you for all your support and see you in the dungeons!”

Fans think Mojang is abandoning a successful game for no reason


The Minecraft Dungeons community is not too pleased that their game of choice is being abandoned, particularly when it has recently hit the milestone of 25 million unique players.

Several Reddit threads have recently popped up on the Minecraft Dungeons subreddit with fans expressing their disappointment.

One thread reads: "This game had a lot more potential.Sad that they are done with it. Why are they doing this? Are they stupid?"

Many players have criticised Mojang for prioritising Minecraft Legends, which has seen a lot less success than Minecraft Dungeons did.

"Yet they (Microsoft) continue to support Legends, which is utter garbage, especially compared to Dungeons. And already has less players," said one Reddit commenter. "Legends is the game that needs to have support cut, since it's already dead. Legends already has a smaller community than Dungeons does and that really says a lot about the game."

The community believes so passionately that Minecraft Dungeons should continue that a petition has sprung up, though it has only received 66 signatures so far.

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