Kill The Justice League DLC leak teases the Arkham sequel we dreamed of

Kill The Justice League DLC leak teases the Arkham sequel we dreamed of
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10th Jan 2024 10:22

We've got squad goals AF as Rocksteady Studios assembles Task Force X for Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League. It's been nine years since the Dark Knight last spread his wings for Batman: Arkham Knight, and while a posthumous Kevin Conroy is back in the cape and cowl, Kill the Justice League has a very different focus.

Swapping the dark and dingy streets of Gotham City for Superman's stomping ground of Metropolis, Kill the Justice League sees the famed legion of heroes turned to the dark side (or should that be Darkseid?) by Brainiac. Although it's a whole new way to play, the spirit of the Arkhamverse is still flowing through KTJL. 

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League DLC apparently going back to Gotham

Keeping a lid on gaming spoilers seems like an ever-impossible task these days, with Grand Theft Auto 6 being embroiled in a deluge of leaks, Insomniac being devastated by a ransomware attack, and Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League having major story beats spoiled ahead of time.

One of the most vocal Kill the Justice League leakers has been Miller Ross. He's now back to spill the secrets of a planned DLC, which will apparently take us back to Gotham City. We've already heard about Deathstroke joining the party for a DLC, but with the title pitched as a live service game, expect plenty more updates.

When asked if there's a particular season that will lure newcomers to Kill the Justice League, Ross hyped Season 3 - which should take us through to Halloween. Although he didn't expand on what the story will involve, we'll apparently be going back to Gotham City and met with a tonne of cameos.

Arkham Knight finally saw order restored to the wrecked Gotham City, and with a mention of cameos, major players like Robin (Tim Drake), Catwoman, and Nightwing seem like likely candidates here. Given that many still hope for a true Arkham Knight sequel, this could be the next best thing.

Kill the Justice League's roadmap is a gamble

Kill the Justice League classic Harley Quinn and King Shark
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Live service games are a divisive way of extending a title's shelf life, and while the season pass model might work for the likes of Fortnite and Call of Duty, you only have to look at the disappointment of Marvel's Avengers to see these games often die a death.

Kill the Justice League isn't even out yet, but it's safe to say that the idea of a live service looter shooter has split the fandom. First impressions of the game are equally tepid, leading us to wonder whether Rocksteady will get to realise its vision of a fully-formed roadmap. Still, we'll at least be sticking around until Season 3 if it means we get an Arkham Knight sequel. 

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