Square Enix Is Finally Giving Up On Marvel's Avengers

Square Enix Is Finally Giving Up On Marvel's Avengers
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Joseph Kime


8th Dec 2022 09:42

Marvel's Avengers has been trucking slowly ever since its launch, and it looks like the game might finally be running out of steam. To be honest, we're surprised it took this long.

The game was met with a chorus of "meh" upon its arrival, and while many were unenthusiastic about the game's weird power scaling and disappointingly boring co-op play, some held out hope. Spider-Man and Black Panther were just around the corner in the form of DLC, and they could patch the game up, right?

Well, they didn't, and now Marvel's Avengers is in a bit of a weird spot where nobody really wants to play but Square Enix is still pushing to bring players back. Now, it looks like the publisher might finally be throwing in the towel.

Marvel's Avengers Might Not Last Through 2023

Square Enix Is Finally Giving Up On Marvel's Avengers
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According to new leaks, it looks as though Square Enix is gearing up to sunset Marvel's Avengers before next year is out, and cease any new content to come to the game.

Leaker Miller Ross has revealed a full exposé on the live service that holds Marvel's Avengers together, and has claimed that sources tell him that the game's updates and expansions will be ceasing in 2023.

There are reportedly no new packs of content planned for 2024, and supposedly, this move will also see the game's lead designer Brian Waggoner leave Crystal Dynamics.

There's no corroboration of this story, so take it with a pinch of salt. Still, it all makes sense as a claim, as it doesn't seem like the game will last much longer thanks to its dwindling playerbase anyway.

Will Marvel's Avengers Shut Down?

Even for the three of you still playing Marvel's Avengers, this may be disappointing, but it won't totally be the end of the line for the game.

The superhero ensemble isn't likely to shut down its servers entirely as it ceases its new content, and it'll simply float in the aether until its inevitable shut-down years down the line.

Though fans have been hoping for the addition of new characters like She-Hulk, it looks like these hopes could amount to nothing. Sorry, everyone - at least we'll always have Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy.

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