Nine years later, players are finally enjoying Batman: Arkham Knight

Nine years later, players are finally enjoying Batman: Arkham Knight
Images via Rocksteady Studios

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Tom Chapman


8th Feb 2024 14:49

Rocksteady Studios is back, and while Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League might not be for everyone thanks to its Destiny-inspired looter shooter mechanics, there's no denying it's the resurrection of the Arkhamverse we need right now. Instead of just looking forward, fans are looking back to the franchise's past.

Unfortunately, the problems of Kill the Justice League are only making Rocksteady's first three Arkham games look like superior titles. The upside is that the maligned Batman: Arkham Knight from 2015 is getting a new lease of life and has fans old and new flocking to it. 

Batman: Arkham Knight is getting a new lease of life

As reported by True Trophies, Batman: Arkham Knight has seen a spike in players since Kill the Justice League debuted. According to data collated from 3.2 million active PSN accounts, there's been a boom in those collecting Arkham Knight trophies.

There was a 20.05% boost of players in the week before Kill the Justice League released, which is likely due to those wanting to refresh themselves before suiting up as Task Force X. During the game's first week, there was another 25.94% spike, leading to a total 51.19% rise in Arkham Knight players on PS4 and PS5 in just two weeks. 

This seemingly comes off the back of accusations that Kill the Justice League is "woke" and the fact it's legendary Batman actor Kevin Conroy's last time in the cape and cowl. For newcomers to the Arkhamverse, they're likely trying out KTJL's predecessors, and for haters, they're probably switching to something else. 

When Arkham Knight came out, it was criticised for a predictable plot twist when it came to the reveal of the titular Arkham Knight, lacklustre boss fights, a lack of the expanded Bat Family, and those dire Batmobile missions. Thankfully, time has been kind to Arkham Knight. 

The future of the Arkhamverse

Superman Easter Egg in Batman Arkham Knight
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Image via Rocksteady Studios

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More than Kill the Justice League cueing the impressive roadmap of free DLCs, there are more than enough Easter eggs teasing an expanded Arkhamverse once again. Whether we go back to Gotham for a full-blown Arkham Knight sequel or explore other members of the JL (we're looking at you, Aquaman), more is surely coming. 

Even before Kill the Justice League released, DCU overseer James Gunn confirmed it wouldn't be the end of the Arkhamverse, but what that means remains to be seen. For the time being, Rocksteady is sure to focus its efforts on the DLCs, and with the potential for many years of content, don't count on a full sequel anytime soon. 

While Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League might not be everyone's cup of tea, the spirit of the Arkhamverse is there. With well-rounded characters and immersive cutscenes, it's an Arkham Knight sequel whether you like it or not. Like Arkham Knight, let's hope opinions mellow over the years. 

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