Suicide Squad's Mrs. Freeze gives gamers another reason to hate Kill the Justice League

Suicide Squad's Mrs. Freeze gives gamers another reason to hate Kill the Justice League
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24th May 2024 11:49

To say that Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League got a 'frosty' reception would be an understatement. After the critical and commercial acclaim of Rocksteady Studios' Arkham trilogy, Kill the Justice League was the developer's first new game in nearly a decade.

Sadly, leaving the gloomy streets of Gotham City behind for the much brighter Metropolis was far from the game's only problem. While there was still strong story like in the Arkham games, Kill the Justice League felt like a Destiny-inspired looter shooter and was critiqued as losing its way.

Kill the Justice League tells us to 'chill' 

Also falling into the latest trend of live service gaming, Rocksteady confirmed its plans to keep the game ticking for years to come with seasonal updates. Leaning into the wacky of Elseworlds, we first got a new version of the Joker. A roadmap tease hinted at the likes of Deathstroke and Deadshot's daughter. 

It's a gender-flipped Mr. Freeze/Mrs. Freeze that's caused the real buzz, and as Season 1 continues, she's being teased for the upcoming Season 2. Given the pedigree of Mr. Freeze as one of Batman's most iconic enemies, there are all the usual rumbles that Rocksteady has gone 'woke' with a female iteration. 

While the idea of Mrs. Freeze works well with the whole Elseworlds theming, that won't stop the critics from finding another reason to hate Kill the Justice League. It comes amidst complaints about Harley Quinn's big Batman twist and the fact we had a perfectly good Mr. Freeze in the previous Arkham games. 

Fans hate Mrs. Freeze

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Mrs. Freeze's design has made its way online, and as you can imagine, the already irate fans aren't impressed. One critic grumbled, "Looks like a stereotypical moral busybody who screeches about how "problematic" everything is..." while another added, "So DLC for a basically dead live service game? Thought it would have been shut down by now. Wonders never cease."

There's a whole Reddit thread that's titled, "Seriously, what the f**k is this?" Over there, one particularly vocal comment reads, "Who's the intern responsible for this atrocity ? One of the worst comicbook character design I've ever seen. Can't believe this is coming from Rocksteady..."

With Kill the Justice League's player count only hitting a 24-hour peak of 502, a gender-flipped character could be the least of Rocksteady's worries. Although the idea of a multi-year roadmap of updates sounded promising on paper, we're not sure we'll get to Deathstroke at this rate. 

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