Suicide Squad critics say they would’ve preferred a Justice League game

Suicide Squad critics say they would’ve preferred a Justice League game
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Megan Cooke


2nd Feb 2024 22:28

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League has been receiving a lot of negative attention since it was first announced as a live-service game in August 2020.

One of the more recent complaints that has been arising is strangely that the game focuses on the titular Suicide Squad, where many people seem to prefer a new Batman Arkham game or a game centered around the Justice League themselves.

A recent Reddit thread has unveiled that this is not necessarily an unpopular opinion either, however not everyone is on board with the people who are against the game's premise.

Suicide Squad critics wish the game followed the Justice League instead

A Reddit thread shared to the Suicide Squad Gaming subreddit recently asked the question of whether players felt the game should have followed the Justice League instead of the Suicide Squad.

The post said: “I feel like we should have had a justice league game.

“Sure, I like the game and I have not even played it but they are wasting these designs all to kill them like omg, we could have had a Superman game in the Arkham universe or flash or green lantern.

“They might bring them back in DLC but if they don’t come back then what would you guys want to happen?”

Surprisingly, a lot of people said yes and the general consensus was that people would have preferred a Justice League game.

One player said: “I mean yea, a thousand times yes that the game they should have made.”

“It obviously should’ve been Justice League,” added another.

Not everyone agreed with this take however, with some people stating that players should focus on the game they have rather than what they wish it was.

“Here is my take: Rocksteady did this game and people should judge it for what it is NOT for what it could’ve been or WHAT they wanted it to be,” said one commenter.

Another said: “Can people stop b*tching about the premise of the game?”

Some people are hoping that a Justice League return is still on the table

by u/Flash_h from discussion
in SuicideSquadGaming

In a game called Kill the Justice League, it is no surprise that the Justice League aren’t really going to survive.

Despite this, players are hopeful that they could come back in later seasons of the game, either as NPCs or even as playable characters.

“With all our multidimensional nonsense I'm sure they could fully put them in the game at some point. Hopefully it does well enough to last that long,” said one user.

Another said: “They will 100% come back and be a more integral part of the game as NPCs. There is no shot they just keep them dead lol. Imagine how easy it will be to get free internet marketing when they bring them back.”

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Nothing is confirmed at this stage, so it will be interesting to see whether or not the heroes make a return later on.

For now, it is probably worth looking at the game for what it is rather than what it could have been. We didn’t get a Justice League game but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy what we have for now.

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